Virgo: Thank Your Lucky Stars

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Virgo can thank its lucky starts this month- literally- as three planets align in your sign to bring fortune to the front door. Jupiter, the enhancer planet, continues making its mark on your sign as it will for quite some time to come. As Jupiter pushes open the gateway for abundance, Mars and Venus enter the scene bringing powerful yin and yang energies into your aura.

Mars represents ‘yang’ or projective energy. Mars is the warrior archetype who conquers everything in sight, who seeks out to take what it wants. For this reason, Mars is associated with the characteristically masculine half of our psyche. Throughout the entire month of October, Mars adds horsepower to your sign allowing Virgo to assert its desires and achieve goals. You should feel an overall surge of lifeblood.

Conversely, Venus symbolizes ‘yin’ or receptive energy. Venus is the lover archetype who attracts everything in sight, who lures in what it wants. Connected to the traditionally feminine half of our psyche, Venus magnetizes resources to us and cultivates them. October 9th through month’s end, Venus complements Mars’ activity to perfectly balance your energetic conversation.

Therefore, the question becomes for Virgo: What exactly do you want?

The rare combination of Jupiter-Mars-Venus is cosmic tide of opportunity; you now have the fortuitous chance to make dreams come true whether related to love, career, finance, play, projects or whatever. But, if you are unclear in what the heart desires, you will attract a plethora of mismatched things which may only further confuse your intentions. Either way, Virgo will surely be attracting something this month…best to be sure what it is.

October 8-10th is the peak of Virgo’s magnetic field so plan important activities for this time period. The 17th and 25th are the next most favorable times for critical activity.

Particularly in the realm of love, Virgo should pay attention. Next month, Neptune- the planet which has been stalled out in your relationship house since June- will finally release, giving the green light for romance to re-enter your life. However, Venus’ presence in your sign during October will already provide leading indicators as to who may be of interest and where that romance might lead as soon as next month. Observe the signs, and take action on intuition.

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