The majority of my coaching career is spent having the ear of top executives, and while you may think their only focus surrounds numbers (number one in the marketplace, number of corporate golf outings), the message I hear is actually becoming quite different. The focus is more and more on the whole person.

Savvy leaders are realizing that looking at the entire life- personal, philosophical, career, health- has a huge impact on how and what one delivers to our world. The comprehensive life force is becoming the focus of those who want get ahead by leveraging to their advantage the sum of inherent abilities, failures and accrued lessons learned. Ultimately, the multiplicity of both calculated decisions and circumstantial events can determine significant biographical moves…and sometimes surprising ones!

Business moguls aren’t the only ones seeking to reconcile the moving pieces of their life trajectory to create more interesting, meaningful paths. Students, professionals and people from all walks of life are sensitizing to a wholistic approach to life planning and are actively seeking coaching as a result.

Astrology as a tool for transformational development can help decode the inner dynamics of one’s intrinsic nature, spotlight inherent aptitudes and time critical events. As a practitioner, I’ve found that using Astrology as a basis for the coaching process can reveal immediately what takes standard assessments and traditional therapy sometimes years to unfold.

In order to experience yourself in the driver’s seat of life, one must first look internally at their own order of potentials and priorities. Releasing that value by igniting your personal identity is one of the fastest ways to grow.

What’s at stake is a claim to purpose.

Turn up the volume on who you really are.