Why do people seek consultation- of any kind?

People seek consultation to make more sound decisions by leveraging the objectivity of a field expert. Whether its meeting with your financial adviser, real estate agent or family doctor, consulting with another qualified person helps you integrate collective knowledge along with your own gut instinct to create a decisive path forward.

What is coaching, and how is it different from consultation?

Coaching is the process of transformation through sustained interaction between a growing person and her/his selected mentor. Coaching differs from consultation in that it is an ongoing process rather than a one-off encounter, although both serve viable purposes. Athletes, executives and performers are all well-known examples of those who use coaching to continuously perfect themselves.

How does Astrology play into either of these scenarios? 

Whether an individual consultation or ongoing coaching, Astrology can be used as a tool for guidance. Astrology is a synthesis of science and psychology which uses universal symbolism as a frame for interpreting behaviors and events. The symbols in a “chart” signify certain principles and where/how those principles express themselves; Astrological symbols give us a visual context for what would otherwise remain imperceptible. This accessible, tangible framework is what gives the Astrologer more power to navigate toward the right issues and puts the individual in a driving position to design choices based on awareness of all the variables at play. 

Do I need to have an understanding of Astrology in order to meet?

Absolutely not! My role as the facilitator is to put all the symbols and principles they represent into a language you can understand. Your role is to come with an open mind and honestly respond to the information being translated. Even if you are a seasoned Astrologer, the commitments for both roles remain the same.

What happens during a session?

 Whether it’s an individual consultation or ongoing coaching, we’ll always work directly from your individual birth chart:

·         For a one-off, individual consultation you might ask for a comprehensive review of your birth chart, have a certain topic in mind (career, money etc), or ask for help timing a critical event (wedding, pregnancy etc). We may or may not interact again after the individual consultation- it’s up to you!

·         For ongoing coaching, we schedule regular sessions around a specific focus topic that is intended to reach definitive culmination (career coaching that leads to a job change, relationship coaching that leads to a new union, etc). I typically suggest a coaching session per yearly quarter as that allows time between each encounter for you to set the work in motion and begin seeing results. Some may feel the need to connect more frequently, and we can determine that together during the process.

How do we connect?

My practice is based in Houston, Texas USA, so for those in the local area we can meet at my office or at a place where you are most comfortable. If you are unable to meet in person, we can connect over the telephone or online using GoToMeeting. For those who wish to meet at a remote location, I am happy to do so with adequate planning; my standard session fee along with travel expenses will be billed to you prior to the meeting.