For all sessions, your birth information is essential.

Individual Consultations:

  • Life Path Reading (birth chart overview)- $125

What natural aptitudes, preferences and potential blind spots exist within your psyche? We will examine your intrinsic nature, as well as current themes of emphasis in the life, to determine paths that will put you in the driver’s seat of making more authentic choices.

  • Double Reading (couples, parent-child, boss-employee)- $175

How does your chart respond to others? We will look how someone like your spouse, boss, parent, child or friend (or enemy!) influences different areas of your psyche. Understanding how someone else pushes your “hot buttons”- for better or worse- creates a strong opportunity for conscious growth. We learn our best lessons through interaction with others. A natal chart for both parties will be required for an effective interpretation.

  • Specific Question- $65

Have just one burning question, but no time for a full session? We will focus on a single topic within your chart and reach a go/no-go conclusion.

  • Specific Timer- $65

Need help planning an important event? We will look ahead in your chart to select optimal dates for starting a business, moving, beginning a new job, setting a wedding date, planning a caesarian section and so much more!