Taurus: 2016 Forecast

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Kelley Devine- Taurus

2016 will focus Taurus on future hopes and aspirations, the year of dreams in the making. Taurus and Taurus rising will start the year tweaking personal visions, and very likely tweaking romantic commitments in correspondence. Within the big picture, personal creative projects are picking up and so Taurus needs to be properly aligned with the right lover or business partners in order to make those efforts successful. After sorting players on the chess board, Taurus steps fully into the working phase by September 2016. What is Taurus making? In any case you can count on Taurus, the banker of the zodiac, to produce something timeless, desirable and incredibly worthwhile.

Reframing alliances takes up almost the entire first half of the year as Mars and Mercury rifle through the relationship house, forcing lovers and business partners under the microscope. Taurus begins 2016 with Mars bringing action, and potentially conflict, to your most intimate pairings from January 3rd-March 5th. Mars is the warrior energy of the cosmos; will you be the champion of a romantic cause, or a bully in love? During this time you will either rally around a collaborative effort with intimate others, or dilemmas will reveal potentially unrepairable differences between you two.

Unresolved issues, or joint efforts which still require greater follow-up, will resurface May 28th-June 30th as Mars turns Retrograde or backwards. Completing projects or goals as a pair is important for the union to constructively move forward. If perhaps negative issues in the relationship came to light during the early year, then those old wounds emerge again and how then are handled will determine if the relationship continues at all. If a relationship were to end, it would likely be during the Mars Retrograde period. Mars then moves on to heal wounds or continue an active relationship through the first week in August.

May 1st-23rd will be the most intense period within the Mars Retrograde cycle as Venus, ruler of love and money, passes over your zodiac sign. In romance, your focus on the beloved becomes heightened and someone will either live up to-or fail to- that ideal vision. If you are single, a former flame could emerge which reminds you of your deep longing to be loved and increase the propulsion to seek companionship. In business, money or material assets may become the contingency in which the balance of your partnership hangs. If you need to make strong financial or asset plays, do so between around May 23rd or thereafter when Venus is positioned in your favor of Taurus’ money house.

Accentuating the relationship intrigue is Mercury as it takes its Retrograde cycle from April 29th-May 23rd, amid the Mars Retrograde cycle. In this case, the two Retrogrades in tandem could cause Taurus to re-think its personal strategy, corresponding alliances, or even its whole life in general…or at least that is how it could feel at the time. A breath of stability comes at the May 6th New Moon when Taurus can start clean with individual objectives or renew its outlook on love. By the November 14th Full Moon, the right players should be aligned on your game card to help pave the way for happiness and success.

If the first half of the year was about sorting personalities, then the second half of the year is about sorting seeds of opportunity. The August 18th Lunar Eclipse in the career house heralds an important turning point as Taurus’ creative projects or entrepreneurial endeavors start to get serious per the ingress of Jupiter into the service house by September. The remainder of this year and through Fall 2017, Taurus will turn flirtations into relationships-in-progress and elevate pass-times into full-times. Ultimately, Taurus is “making magic” that will have a big payoff.

Art by Kelley Devine.

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