Pisces: Life Source

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If a sense of life direction has been unclear over the past few months, it becomes imminently apparent in November as Neptune- planet of spirit- activates your zodiac sign. Since June, Neptune has been in a Retrograde or waiting position; plans ahead seemed hard to pin down, even to the point of feeling like giving […]

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Aquarius: Rightfully Earned Income

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Money comes into focus for Aquarius as a New Moon heightens career potential and Neptune steps forward in your financial house. What goals have you been working on that may now start seeing a return? November opens with strategic Mercury stirring up opportunity in your career house November 2nd-20th. This month you may be busy […]

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Capricorn: A Beautiful Mind

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Capricorn was liberated as of September when Pluto, planet of power, unlocked the doors on your zodiac sign. Since 2012, Pluto has been hovering like a spotlight over your sign drawing incredible attention to Capricorn’s most intimate inner workings and provoking powerful life transformations (likely somewhat disruptive). Then in September, Pluto began to ease off […]

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Sagittarius: Seek And You Shall Find

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Life is high speed for the globe-trotter of the zodiac as Mercury, planet of exchange, whizzes through your sign at the end of this month. Mercury’s eagerness for variety, excitement, and progress pushes Sagittarius towards change in all major life pillars: self, home, relationship and career. What does ‘going to the next level’ mean for […]


Scorpio: Brand YOU!

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Fall festivities get Scorpio into the social swing as a New Moon lights up your zodiac sign. What are you celebrating? Mercury- the cosmic busy body- buzzes across the face of your horoscope November 2nd-20th increasing the likelihood that your calendar will be filled by various outings, conversations with friends and endless to-do excursions. Later […]

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Libra: It’s Not You, It’s Me

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Relationships revive as Venus, the significator of harmony and balance, crosses the face of Libra’s horoscope. Next month, Libra will be making big choices about existing relationships and also its outlook on the balance of interacting with others in general. Therefore, November starts brining love and partnership back into focus. Venus is the cosmic beautifier, […]

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Virgo: Love, In Its Many Forms

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Love is in the air, dear Virgo! There are three ways Virgo might experience love this month: loving another, being loved by the public, or having greater self-love. In all cases, you experience much-needed and well-deserved acknowledgment. Venus, planetary ruler of love and money, graces your sign through November 8th. The entire first week of […]

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Leo: Domestic Kingdom

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Leo’s domestic kingdom receives an upgrade as Mercury and a New Moon energize your house of roots. Anticipate lots of conversation with family members, and perhaps even travel related to family. If your physical home is the topic of conversation, then this month may begin talks of real estate transactions or upgrades to your abode. […]


Cancer: Stable Roots To Weather Change

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Partnerships and career are the two turning tables for Cancer as your sign gets serious about taking work to the next level. Professional pairings, as well as romance, moved ahead in September and by December career ambitions will sail with full force. This month focuses on firmly grounding Cancer, both physically and emotionally, so that […]

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Gemini: New Moon, New Ground

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Gemini has entered the commitment phase in life. Saturn is already positioning in your relationship house to establish definite boundaries around love, Jupiter continues growing your domestic house making home and family a priority, and now Neptune accelerates your career house as of November. Home, career and romance start solidifying when Gemini experiences a New […]