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Mercury Retrograde: Crazy Is As Crazy Does

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Mercury Retrograde gets a lot of press. In fact, even people who don’t know much about astrology have at least heard of the foreboding term. So what’s all the fuss over this tiny little planet? Every planet has a periodic Retrograde or backwards cycle as part of its normal, healthy cosmic transit. Whenever a planet […]

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Pisces: Faith and Doubt

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May 2015 Pisces horoscope This month will be particularly intense for Pisces as three planets make an aspect to your sign and tip off Neptune- the cosmic dissolver- which has been hovering nearby for several years. Throughout May, you may have to deal with feelings of doubt. Neptune is the dissolver of boundaries, which is […]

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Aquarius: Going Somewhere?

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May 2015 Aquarius horoscope Aquarius received a life upgrade last month when Jupiter pushed forward on April 8th. For many, this may have brought news about relationships. Change is likely, and probably for the better. Heading into this month, Mars follows up on Jupiter’s change-making moves and so there’s lots of activity in your personal […]

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Capricorn: Deja-Vu

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May 2015 Capricorn horoscope Feel in limbo, like just as things move ahead they come back around again? Good news- you’re not crazy. Bad news- you are correct. This back and forth motion is exactly what’s been happening in the sky throughout spring, but luckily this month you receive a little lift from lovely Venus. […]

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Sagittarius: Zen

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What areas of your life deserve greater attention? Mercury Retrograde in your opposite sign highlights those deficiencies May 18th-June 11th, suggesting an opportunity to create more balance ahead. Retrograde periods emphasize the “re” element of action: retreat, reconsider, revise, reignite. Use the energies of May to elevate your commitment to a more complete, whole lifestyle […]

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Scorpio: Getting Down Under

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May 2015 Scorpio horoscope Scorpio gets a lot of action in May- quite literally! Full and New Moons crystallize the moving pieces in your life which reached a crescendo around April 8th, and physical Mars enlivens your drive. On a practical level, this means you now more fully understand the unfolding of events which began […]

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Libra: Taking Care Of Me

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May 2015 Libra horoscope What happened last month around the April 4th Lunar Eclipse in your sign? Think back on any turning points- literal or emotional- in relationships or circumstances. This month, Venus- the magnetizer planet- draws in resources to create greater security around those situations. Venus is the planetary ruler of your sign, Libra, […]

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Virgo: Good Call

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May 2015 Virgo horoscope Mercury, the ruler of your sign, experiences very important planetary movement this month with its notorious Retrograde cycle. Because of Virgo’s innate connection to the messenger planet, you are uniquely influenced by its change of course. The relationship between Virgo and Mercury centers largely on details- together, the sign and its […]

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Leo: Dreams Take Work

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May 2015 Leo horoscope This is the month to get moving on your dreams, Leo. Back on April 8th, Jupiter- planet of increase- gathered speed in aspect to your sign meaning that hopes which began in summer 2014 but stalled around the holiday season are now back in gear. And this time it’s for the […]

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Cancer: Celebrate With Loved Ones

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May 2015 Cancer horoscope Plans to entertain? Cancer will be organizing dinner parties, family events and housewarmings this month as Venus, the harbinger of gifts, creates bonds and brings tactile comforts to your sign throughout May. Venus represents value in our lives. Internally, Venus signifies our own personal value (self-esteem or self-love) and the way […]