Kelley Devine- Pisces

Pisces: Lovescope 2017

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Pisces is a compassionate soul who uses their great sensitivity to intuit the needs of others and imagine a vast ocean of possibilities. For Pisces, love is something romantic, unconditional, and often involves the mutual healing of past sufferings accompanied by noble sacrifices made to help each other. As a result however, Pisces can struggle […]

Kelley Devine- Aquarius

Aquarius: Lovescope 2017

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Aquarius has been focused on growing their business empire and charitable or social involvements, but this year heralds the awakening of love as part of the grand mission. Have you been so consumed with succeeding that the joys of partnership have been forgotten? Aquarius may have sudden realizations in romance that leads to an elevation […]

Kelley Devine- Capricorn

Capricorn: Lovescope 2017

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Capricorn is the leadership sign of the zodiac, filled with ambition and driven to be successful. Capricorn evokes a worldly air, frequently accompanied by the material trappings of prestige. Responsible, sophisticated and orderly, partners admire how you always seem to have everything under control. You may be attracted to someone who is professional, worldly, rich […]

Kelley Devine- Sagittarius

Sagittarius: Lovescope 2017

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Sagittarius is completing its three-year journey of personal establishment from 2014-2017, part of which includes making a relationship commitment if you haven’t already. Sag is taking itself more seriously all around, which means the importance of ambitions, appearance, career, home and love each have added weight. Next year, Sag begins the journey of material establishment […]

Kelley Devine- Scorpio

Scorpio: Lovescope 2017

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Scorpio radiates power. With a deep heart and penetrating insight, you see into others in a way that creates an aura of intimacy. Scorpio emanates a distinctly sexual vibration that reaches others on an instinctual, primal level beyond their conscious inhibitions. Your intense passion towards another makes them your sole desire which, in turn, feels […]

Kelley Devine- Libra

Libra: Lovescope 2017

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Libra is the partnership sign of the zodiac, and lucky Jupiter opens the doors to love from September 2016-October 2017. This thirteen-month span heralds the best opportunity Libra’s had in 12 years to snag a sweetheart. Because Jupiter also tends to confirm and legalize things, anticipate serious measures such as moving in together, jointly purchasing […]

Kelley Devine- Virgo

Virgo: Lovescope 2017

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Practical Virgo has been focused on making money and organizing the home front, but the stars are soon to remind you that life isn’t worth living without a bit of romance. Though you’re a sign typically focused on staying true to personal goals, Virgo’s heart strings get scintillated by the thought of helping a loved […]

Kelley Devine- Leo

Leo: Lovescope 2017

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Showmanship is Leo’s calling card in love, and lucky are those who become the object of the lion’s attention. Renown for theatrics and generosity, Leo seeks someone special to shower with affection and gifts, but also demands appreciation in return. The secret to snagging a Leo lover lies in inspiring their emotions by noticing them; […]

Kelley Devine- Cancer

Cancer: Lovescope 2017

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Cancer approaches love with a tribal mentality, seeking someone who feels like ‘one of my kind’. Fiercely protective yet extremely nurturing, the cosmic crab may seem to have an impenetrable shell at first, but is soft at heart. Pluto, the transformation planet, continues its long-term transit through the relationship house suggesting the seas of change […]

Kelley Devine- Gemini

Gemini: Lovescope 2017

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Gemini thrives on variety, so if you want to be Gemini’s one-and-only then prepare to change things up often. Gemini loves to be fascinated, and keeping curiosity piqued requires either a highly interesting partner or a very self-entertaining Gemini. For Gemini, romantic death is boredom of the same thing/partner over and over again…the dualistic sign […]