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Pisces: Dream On

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Pisces is heading towards taking on more adult responsibilities by the end of this year when Saturn, the cosmic judge, will ultimately come into aspect with your sign. From then on over the next two years, Pisces will focus on establishing an authoritative identity in your chosen field. The June 2nd Full Moon focuses you […]

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Aquarius: Love Quest

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Romance remains the focus for Aquarius this month as Venus, planet of love, meets up with fortuitous Jupiter in the relationship house. Beginning June 6th, Venus assess the value of her intimate connections and seeks to determine if she is really being challenged to learn and grow through partners. In her knowledge quest, she may […]

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Capricorn: Clearing The Path

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Early springtime was action-packed, and potentially dramatic, for Capricorn. Beginning with the breakup of Uranus and Pluto on March 16th after their long-term affair, it became apparent that certain strongholds in life were inevitably going to change. Just a few weeks later, Pluto had second thoughts about the separation, and as a result has temporarily […]

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Sagittarius: Freedom To Be

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After a month of soul-searching with particular emotional work on relationships, Sagittarius finds resolution in June. In matters of romance, Mercury continues its Retrograde reflection through June 11th. As bookends on either side of that finale date, the June 2nd Full Moon reaches decisions on how to proceed and those pans become actionable with the […]

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Scorpio: Preparing To Upgrade

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Saturn continues its reverse trek through the very tail-end of your sign this month and will continue reviewing important life decisions, especially in career and finance, which were made during holiday season of last year. You receive help from Jupiter and Venus which, together, amplify your magnetic quality- the professional direction is becoming quite clear […]

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Libra: Breaking Boundaries

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Public image is Libra’s focus this month as cosmic activity heats up your career and social houses- prepare to live in the spotlight! June begins with lots of opportunities to grow personal awareness as Mercury, Mars and a New Moon expand the house of travel, learning and culture in your solar chart. Will you take […]

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Virgo: Dream Big

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What is your next big goal? Life direction is the focus for Virgo now through August, and achieving those goals will play out from this August over the next two years. With such pivotal opportunities around the corner, it’s imperative to get a grip on what you really want to do. In August, the planet […]

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Leo: Living In Love

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Who and what are you in love with right now? Live in passion this month and trust that whatever makes your soul sing is the right path to follow. An outpouring of love colors the beginning of summer as Venus meets up with Jupiter in your sign. Feeling, beauty and money- natural Leo affinities- peak […]

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Cancer: Yin & Yang

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Cancer is busy with personal development work this month as two planets, Venus and Mars, pass through your sign in June. Venus transits represent “yin” or receptive energetic times when we are able magnetize supportive resources which enhance our personal image or security. Conversely, Mars transits signify “yang” or projective energetic times when we go […]

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Gemini: Rewiring

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Gemini continues to be the talk of the town this month as Mercury makes its final pass through your sign. Since May 18th, the messenger planet has induced a period of reflection and reworking around your approach to a person or goal, and on June 11th finally is ready to move ahead. During the Mercury […]