Kelley Devine- Pisces

Pisces: A Full Moon Calling

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Pisces is blessed with a surge of cosmic attention in August as Jupiter, the gift bearer, and a fortuitous Full Moon act collaboratively in favor of your sign. You now enter a period of partnership where working with others helps achieve goals, especially in the career realm. In fact, your personal life will also likely […]

Kelley Devine- Aquarius

Aquarius: Gold Star

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Since 2012, Aquarius worked to answer the question “Have I done enough?” Saturn, the cosmic judge, was assessing your accomplishments- especially in arenas of public prominence such as career or marriage. Taking on more responsibility and establishing roots or reputation may have been an important part of the Saturn journey over the past three years. […]

Kelley Devine- Capricorn

Capricorn: Packing Up and Clearing Out

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Capricorn, the builder sign of the zodiac, is on a mission to establish a totally reinvented future. But, in order to successfully build up, Capricorn must first tear down old structures which have long outlived their purpose. Since March, Pluto- the transformer planet- has been working with Capricorn to construct this lifestyle refresh and by […]

Kelley Devine- Sagittarius

Sagittarius: Opening Doors

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Sagittarius begins the adventure of a lifetime…or at least an adventure which happens only a very rare few times in one’s life! Two planets, Jupiter and Saturn, now open doors for Sagittarius which make almost any personal achievement possible. As of August, the zodiac’s archer is posed with a thought-provoking proposition: What stars do you […]

Kelley Devine- Scorpio

Scorpio: Passing The Test

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In August, Scorpio concludes the profound transformation period which began in October 2012. Saturn, the cosmic judge, has transited your sign over the past three years causing a deep personal review which likely resulted in shifting bonds and responsibilities. When Saturn passes through our sign we ask: “What have I made of myself?” Some people […]

Kelley Devine- Libra

Libra: Relationship Repair

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Relationships were rocked last month when Uranus began its Retrograde cycle in your partner sign on July 25th. Suddenly romances, close friendships or intimate relationships stalled out or perhaps even went reverse. This was tough for Libra who is the zodiac’s natural relater. Uranus calls for more freedom, so Libra may need to be freed […]

Kelley Devine- Virgo

Virgo: Carpe Diem

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Virgo initiates a life peak period in August as Jupiter graces your sign now through September 2016. This Jupiter transit marks a significant period of opportunity, one where almost anything you wish to achieve is possible. The planet of growth is known as the Great Benefic because of doors it can open and it’s often […]

Kelley Devine- Leo

Leo: Roar!

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The Universe spotlights Leo this month as the lion of the zodiac roars with the most cosmic activity. Love, looks and funds come into focus throughout August as Venus continues its reflective journey in your sign. By September, you will be ready to move ahead in these areas. Since 2012, Leo has been receiving a […]

Kelley Devine- Cancer

Cancer: Breathing Room

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Cancer enters August emerging from an action-packed prior month where almost all planetary activity influenced your sign. Quite literally, the entire Universe rested on Cancer’s shoulders. For some, this felt exhilarating; but for most, July was extremely stressful. August, luckily, lets up on the heat. Mars was in your sign, Cancer, all of last month […]

Kelley Devine- Gemini

Gemini: Dream-Catching

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What plans began formulating around Christmas 2014, but then slowed down this March? As of August 2nd, those plans get revived when Saturn completes its Retrograde or backwards cycle, and prepares to make an equilibrium aspect to your sign through 2017. As Saturn sits in counterbalance to your sign for the next two years, opportunities […]