Solar Eclipse in Pisces: Catharsis or Crisis?

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Friday marks the capitulation of several important astrological events, giving us an intensive thrust forward into uncharted terrirory. A few days ago on March 16th, two planets- Pluto and Uranus- completed their three year, long-term affair. Pluto, the universe’s digger, has been ripping up old roles and beliefs which have outgrown their usefulness in our present setting, causing a heavy period of questioning and introspection about what is/isn’t working and why we were ever really doing it in the first place. At the same time Uranus, the universe’s innovator, has been pushing on us to move forward in new and different ways. While the past three years may have felt like an identity crisis for some people, together Pluto and Uranus have set the stage for creative tension which is now finally finding an outlet.

Fast forward to Friday March 20th when we experience a Solar Eclipse, the harbinger of new beginnings, just days after the final push from Pluto and Uranus’ creative tension on March 16th. In only four days, it is as if the entire universe has geared up for a fresh start.

Friday’s Solar Eclipse is in the sign of Pisces and is the first of two Solar Eclipses which happen this year. Pisces is the intuitive of the zodiac; like a cosmic sponge, Pisces absorbs everything in its environment, picking up on all the subtleties that most people miss and is able to serve as a unifier by connecting the commonalities between disparate parts. But occasionally, the cosmic sponge needs to flush the amount of psychic content it takes on. For this reason, Pisces is also about retreat and healing. Whenever transits in Pisces occur, we are reminded to step back into our spiritual world to reflect and reconstitute. Detoxing ourselves is essential for the healing process; the better care we take of ourselves, the better we can care for others. This kind of love and self-love is what Pisces energy is all about.

  • What negative self-talk has been holding you back from feeling successful?
  • Have you allowed worry, anxiety or grief paralyze you from taking action on something you know is a good idea?
  • Do you take on too much of other people’s problems as your own so you end up drowning with them rather than helping?
  • Have you over-stayed in a relationship for fear of disrupting mutual waters or guilt about wanting to move on solo? Or, have you held back on taking a relationship to the next level out of fear that your feelings will be rejected?

Now is the time to recognize defeatist behaviors and consciously resolve to let them go. Moving forward on new endeavors requires the release of unnecessary burdens; you will need to be lighter on your feet for all that is yet to come.

The eclipse happens at the very tail end of Pisces- 29 degrees of Pisces- almost edging into the next sign of Aries. So as much as this cosmic event is about lightening your emotional load and healing with Pisces energy, it is also in many ways about incorporating Aries energy into your eclipse experience. Aries is the pioneer of the zodiac; Aries loves to take initiative and be the first to do something. In this way, the springtime Solar Eclipse is very much about garnering inner strength to initiate new beginnings.

As an accent to the Pisces eclipse, Mercury- the messenger planet- links up with Neptune in the sky making this a particularly intuitive transit. If your dream world becomes very active at this time, try recording your dreams upon awakening or, if you have great discipline, attempt lucid dreaming to become an active participant in the dreamscape. Don’t be surprised if omens from the spirit world appear through seemingly serendipitous coincidences.

The Mercury-Neptune link will also receive interplay from another planet, Saturn. Saturn, the cosmic judge, just began her temporary Retrograde- or backwards- period on the 15th of this month and with that ushers a time of consideration about responsibilities. As Saturn retraces her steps through the fall of last year, we reevaluate the responsibilities we accepted- or perhaps preemptively turned away- and reconsider if those late 2014 choices have effectively positioned us for where we want to go. The Solar Eclipse is a punctuation mark to this ongoing theme of retrospection in the sky and emphasizes our need to let go of emotional fears which hold us back from accomplishing everything we want to do. This series of events organizes your mental state to prepare you for taking action on big dreams in the near future.

Eclipses affect everyone. But for those born at the tail-end of Pisces or very beginning of Aries, say March 17th-March 24th, this cosmic event especially effects you. For those with a very late Pisces rising sign/early Aries rising sign or lots of planets in late Pisces/early Aries, this is also true.

Pisces governs our mental health system and we receive a long-awaited uplift from this first Solar Eclipse of the year in her sign. Like everything in our universe, the Pisces eclipse is connected to other imperative energies in the cosmos. Across the way, the zodiac sign of Virgo sits in complement to ‘the cosmic sponge’ and we experience a second Solar Eclipse later this year in her partner sign. Together, Virgo and Pisces polarities center on the theme of detox. Pisces rids us of emotional and spiritual anxiety, guilt or inadequacy complexes; Virgo rids us of physical and practical toxins within our daily systems. One is an intangible detox, the other an agent of tangible detox. After our emotional cleanout in Pisces this March we are ready for a system cleanout with Virgo in September…. Stay tuned!

2 Responses to "Solar Eclipse in Pisces: Catharsis or Crisis?"
  1. Me being the pisces that I am, recognized the solar eclipse being a pivotal point in my life and the lives of others, prepared for the event by perging thoughts and feelings BEFORE the event. This opened the door for all the new energies to flow thru, and they did! I hope others are watching the stars like myself, you just might learn something about yourself…

    • Maurielle says:

      Sharp comments Dr. Price and an excellent use of Astrology as a tool for planning. Knowledge of Astrology can make us more aware of when and how the current energies in the universe are effecting us, and as a result we are able to conduct our efforts most productively by using the energy that is already present…like “cosmic tai-chi”!

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