Scorpio: Observe Carefully

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What’s going on behind the scenes? Mercury Retrograde passes through the hidden house of your horoscope up until October 9th, suggesting that not everything is as it seems. Mercury rules your friendship house as well as house of shared resources, so it is especially advised to stay extra alert in those areas. Because Mercury has fallen behind in your hidden house, intuition and deductive faculties are not as keen. Scorpio may need to rely on multiple points of data to affirm a solid decision, and is best advised to wait until October 13-15th to make strides ahead in life.

Money has become particularly important, especially as it relates to funding future hopes and dreams. Jupiter, the enhancer planet, is opening up Scorpio’s vision of the possible meanwhile Saturn wants to make definite plans about how to move forward. Together, this actually quite a creative pairing!

Scorpio should be thinking about how to harvest creative passions. Is there a social cause you care about? A personal or entrepreneurial project you’ve been wanting to get off the ground? Begin thinking about what practical resources would be required to see these initiatives into fruition.

Collaborators help get efforts off the ground during the October 27th Full Moon in your partnership house. A lover, business partner or close friend could provide the needed assistance required to set your dreams in motion.

In fact, by next month Scorpio should see progress in personal efforts as well as relationships. There will be a New Moon in your sign come November which reveals if your dreams have a valid shot, and who might be riding along in the journey.

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