Sagittarius: Seek And You Shall Find

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Life is high speed for the globe-trotter of the zodiac as Mercury, planet of exchange, whizzes through your sign at the end of this month. Mercury’s eagerness for variety, excitement, and progress pushes Sagittarius towards change in all major life pillars: self, home, relationship and career. What does ‘going to the next level’ mean for you?

November 1st-11th reputation gets a boost as attractive Venus and ambitious Mars grace your public house. Expect lots of activity at work with opportunities to shine as a breakout star. If entrepreneurial pursuits are your game, positive feedback from the marketplace about your emerging services will fuel a continued push towards spreading your wings. November 2nd and 7th are standout days for Sagittarius to be recognized as a blue chip in your field. Within the next two years, Sagittarius may discover that professional pursuits of personal passion inevitably result in domestic shifts, such as moving or buying/selling real estate, as well as shifts in relationships contingent upon your partner’s ability to flex with change.

The inevitable shifts at home start showing up as soon as November 18th when Neptune, planet of spirit and dreams, at long last dislodges from its holding position in your domestic house. Whether or not the ‘big change’ is executed at this very moment, the path ahead should become clear. Sagittarius may see into the future that it needs to relocate in order to fulfill the next milestone in its life calling. Perhaps you will transfer to another destination, move in or out with a partner, or invest in real estate as part of a long term financial plan. Neptune’s movement could also suggest there is finally movement with family. Perhaps a change with a relative affects change for you, or maybe the hope of starting your own family becomes more real. In all cases, Sagittarius’ roots become more flexible and so do you.

Relationships- as they are connected to personal ambitions- take flight November 20th through month’s end when Mercury electrifies your sign. An increased sense of personal excitement and vision causes you to look strategically at partnership networks: can your current romance or business partner play a role in accelerating your life position? Intuition about the answer emerges with the November 25th New Moon in your relationship house.

Conscious awareness comes full circle November 29th when the Sun and Saturn meet in your sign Sagittarius. All the world is before you: seek and you shall find.

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