Sagittarius: Lovescope 2017

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Kelley Devine- Sagittarius

Sagittarius is completing its three-year journey of personal establishment from 2014-2017, part of which includes making a relationship commitment if you haven’t already. Sag is taking itself more seriously all around, which means the importance of ambitions, appearance, career, home and love each have added weight. Next year, Sag begins the journey of material establishment and will want a partner to grow with for the long-term, or at least a partner who doesn’t get in the way of their success.

This fire sign seeks inspiration, something larger than itself to believe in. Correspondingly learning, adventure and travel often figure prominently in the life of Sagittarius. When it comes to love, Sagittarius needs a partner they can believe in and a relationship which pursues a higher cause. A cosmopolitan spirit, Sagittarius is well-suited to a lover from a different background or who they can learn from. To reign in a freedom loving archer one must be able to explore other cultures, belief systems and global locales. A hardline traditional perspective or suffocating persona will cause this centaur to canter off to greener pastures. The key to snagging a Sag is being able to saddle up, stay interesting and ride on.

February hints at an impending change in the domestic situation. While a move or change with family members might be possible, it is quite likely that on a psychological level you are looking to feel more grounded and rooted so taking some solitary time in your own space may be key. There are big decisions to be made this year, and your internal compass is telling you to get centered in your thoughts

Saturn, the responsibility planet, has been in your sign for the past three years and takes its final Retrograde or reflection cycle from April 6th-August 26th. Do you take your aspirations seriously? Saturn has been pushing you to build a personal empire of professional prestige, mature self-image, strong home base and enduring love. From spring to summer is the final chance to make changes to your plan. Only a partner who has long-term value will stick.

If your Venus is in Sagittarius, then Saturn’s pass then any memorable relationships from 2014 to present were serious ones. If you chose to link up, it is because you could see yourself marrying or committing to the qualities in that partner, and likely you two tied the knot or made some significant step to secure the bond. If you chose to end a romance, it is because you either lost faith in the partner/relationship or discovered their moral values were misaligned with your ethics. Venus describes what we value and how we attach, so when in the sign of Sagittarius, growth and vision are key. Sagittarius Venus values above all else: to be inspired. When a romance starts to feel too parochial or that the vision has been lost, you may go in search of someone else to believe in. They key to keeping Sagittarius Venus in love is to keep the centaur believing there is more wonder to discover within you if they’ll just take another step closer.

The June 9th Full Moon may be the tipping point of a relationship decision if you have been weighing and balancing your feelings during the Saturn Retrograde period. Pay extra attention to dreams, signs or coincidences- it is your intuition manifesting in the everyday world to act on what you already know to be true inside.

August and September suggest learning, signing contracts or making legal agreements and travel, all likely connected to advancing the career. In what way can you promote your skills? Utilizing media, marketing, public speaking or an educational forum might be a good idea.

December harkens final decisions to be made about romance as loving Venus dances through your sign December 1st-24th. Simultaneously, Mercury takes its Retrograde cycle within Venus’ pass so airing relationship issues- or even potentially cutting a relationship- is a necessary part of progressing the union in an honest, healthy way. This is especially true if you have a Sagittarius rising sign. If you have been dating someone seriously, the question of an engagement or significant next step could be in the air. Should your partner resist this elevated level of commitment, Sag may break off the bond because they are indeed looking for something substantial. For the already involved Sag, a brief misunderstanding with your partner may actually lead to joyful discoveries about each other as you flesh through the perceived issue and find that you two are actually more aligned than first realized. All those with Sagittarius energy should pay attention at the December 17th New Moon.

This year, Sagittarius seeks to establish itself so a relationship works only if it supports your long-term goals. Choosing to fly solo for a bit so you can soar to success might be an option. But success is best enjoyed when there is someone to share it with. Pick a sweetheart who is inspiring, believes in you, and isn’t too tied down- you two have lots of adventuring ahead.

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