Pisces: Two Heads Are Better Than One

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Relationships dominate Pisces’ life throughout October as both Mars and Venus dance through your partnership house. How can others help you? Mars spends the entire month rallying collaborators and lovers to your side. Pay attention to who is and isn’t helping. There may be a resource hiding in plain sight who you have yet to capitalize on.

While Mars stays busy month-long, Venus enters the picture as of October 9th and adds considerably more emphasis on working together. Romantically, this could be a very vibrant fall season for Pisces. As it relates to professional accomplishments, Pisces will need to engage with business partners and collaborators in the industry. October 9-10th is prime time for interacting with others. Connected to your work future, the influence of partnership bears beginning fruit as soon as October 16-17th and continues themes from around October 10th. Pisces should find it can safely enmesh with others without losing itself by the October 12th New Moon in your intimacy house.

If love is the primary focus for Pisces, then a new romance, engagement or wedding could be timed for this month. Venus, the loving planet, reaches equilibrium with spiritual Neptune on October 16th setting a deeply emotional tone; Pisces may feel exceptionally connected with a partner. The Moon is in your sign October 23rd-24th continuing the intuitive discussion between two hearts. You are now able to communicate on the same frequency as partners without perhaps a word being said; you both somehow ‘know’ what the next step is between you two. Venus then unites with magnanimous Jupiter on October 25th making it the perfect date for a special occasion.

Next month, Pisces is going to take a huge step forward in life- especially relating to career and partnership- but the building process has already begun. Pay attention to your intuition and to the emergence of pivotal people- it will all make sense in a few weeks when Neptune finally dislodges from its resting place in your sign.

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