Pisces: Lovescope 2017

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Kelley Devine- Pisces

Pisces is a compassionate soul who uses their great sensitivity to intuit the needs of others and imagine a vast ocean of possibilities. For Pisces, love is something romantic, unconditional, and often involves the mutual healing of past sufferings accompanied by noble sacrifices made to help each other. As a result however, Pisces can struggle with defining their own needs and objectives. Enter the practical, goal-oriented partner. Throughout 2017 Pisces still feels in limbo about their work situation or overall direction of their love life, but subtle guidance from trusted sweetheart helps move things along.

The year begins with Venus in your zodiac sign from January 3rd-February 2nd, indicating that progressions in love will be an ongoing focus. The presence of Neptune suggests that either your own emotional availability or feelings about a relationship are uncertain. In actuality it may be that you feel uncertain about your overall direction in life, and that lack of clarity is projected by what appears to be confusion or disinterest in a partnership.

Pisces gains some semblance of clarity around the February 26th Solar Eclipse. If you experience change in a relationship it is actually because you are gaining more assurance about who and how you want to be. Correspondingly, this growing self-assurance could exhibit itself also as a step towards change within the career since career is just the social representation of our self-ness.

Spring offers a revaluing of your talents, contributed efforts and priorities as demonstrated through material value. Let’s talk about money! Are you getting paid enough? Or, are you overdrawn on expenses? Place a higher value on yourself and then align the dollar bills accordingly. Important conversations, business or legal documents about money may surface during springtime.

In August and September a changing work environment could result in changing feelings about a relationship, or vice versa. For the single Pisces, work demands might get in the way of time for pursuing romance. If your work relies heavily on collaboration with others, reassess ways the partnership could be more effective or if you wish to keep the affiliation anymore. In all situations, consider to how a partner or sweetheart could help either assuage or enhance you’re the demands of your work. Deliberations are especially poignant from August 12th-31st. Similar feelings around duty, obligation and commitment in both work and love arise again in December.

From Fall of this year to Fall next year, Pisces will be drawn into learning more about their areas of interest. In time as you become more educated, it is possible you will transform into the expert or teacher on the very same topic. Learning, teaching, speaking or writing figure prominently in the coming months. Quite likely travel enters the picture as you seek and discover more. Pisces may become attracted to a foreigner in an unfamiliar local, a teacher within their area of interest, or have a long-distance relationship. Certainly Pisces desires a mate who can quest, literally or figuratively, alongside.

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