Pisces: 2016 Forecast

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Kelley Devine- Pisces

Pisces and Pisces rising will be stretched in 2016, which can feel like growing pains or incredible personal growth depending on how well you respond. Two life areas undergo shifts- career and relationships- but they both fall under the bigger umbrella question: “Who Am I…Today?” All changes this year strive to make an authentic statement about core personal meaning. Who are you, Pisces, what are you made of? Lead with the truth.

January through May reviews relationships- are you paired with the right romantic or business partner? As the saying goes, you are who you hang out with…so if others are not properly aligned with your true nature or immediate goals, then the bond will inevitably be a limitation. Pisces may renegotiate or even withdraw commitments to others, especially if they were made in Summer 2015. The first half of the year may be a slow time on the dating scene and, in some cases, professional attainment. If you are in the right relationship or business pairing, then this will be a time for strategizing next moves as a duo which eventually take flight in the summer months. Romances and professional alliances will receive a catalyst in September.

The March 8th Solar Eclipse initiates your change cycle this year so shifts may begin arising in romance or work. This could be a very exciting prospect if you are properly aligned, and vice versa if you are not. Think back to March 2015; this was the last time Pisces experienced an eclipse and it is possible for similar feelings or events to arise again.

Love and money define Pisces’ springtime experience when Venus lights up your zodiac sign from March 11th-April 5th. It is quite possible for a new fling to begin under this influence, and certainly for an existing love bond to be deepened through enjoyable encounters together. For all Pisces this might be a relatively social time. In a professional sense, financial goals and issues around money come to mind. If you are needing to make an important purchase, this is a good opportunity. During this time, Mars is in the career house so money connected to business deals is likely the focus (rather than frivolous entertainment spending). If you need to resolve a financial dispute or close a big deal, do so prior to April 18th when Mars goes Retrograde in the career house for two months which will be a more challenging time at work.

The second portion of the year calls on Pisces and Pisces rising to become more introspective and whereby strategic. Based on what was observed in the beginning months of 2016, what changes need to be made or what needs to be let go of so that you can continue moving forward in the best way? From June 14th-November 20th, Neptune- the planet ruling your zodiac sign- will take its quiet Retrograde turn necessarily slowing you down and forcing a reset. This is not a negative experience, but rather the Universe’s natural response to growth: we must always re-dream after each step in a new direction.

Looking for a sign about where life needs to go next? The September 16th Lunar Eclipse may reveal the outcomes from events which began around March. Pay attention intuition, dreams or coincidences- this is the Universe giving evidence to help you draw your own competent conclusion. Basic science tells us that everything in life has an energy and that all life is connected, therefore so are our energies. You are getting information about people and situations at all times if you just pay attention to it.

Observation and strategizing winds down in November, and December 18th through year’s end will be the most active time for Pisces as Mars- the doer planet- takes charge in your sign. 2016 rounds out with almost all planets in the sky being freed up, which heralds the greatest push Pisces has had all year to move forward in making important life decisions. Where will you go next?

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