Libra, and Libra rising: March 2015 Horoscope

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Libra- Dita Von Tesse

Libra is the sign of relating, and your relationship house is the center of attention this entire month. The March 20th Solar Eclipse on the cusp of your partnership house is accentuated by ongoing activity there from Mars throughout March. Venus plays in this mix at the beginning of the month along with Mercury’s movement in your house of romance, making liaisons with others the talk of the town.

March 4th and 11th will be memorable days in your personal encounters. Venus and Mars may signal an unexpected turn of events in close relations to others. If you’re in a relationship, look forward to a potential surprise gift or display of affection from a lover; if you’re dating, this would be an excellent time to socialize for you stand a good chance of running into someone quite interesting. On the professional front, this could be the start of an important new client relationship.

Throughout this month, Mars opposes your sign. Like all oppositions (two different sides attempting to reach equilibrium), this energy can work two ways. If lately your actions have aggravated potential sympathizers, provoked competitors or you have failed to rally supporters, then Mars’ energy may bring you into conflict with those parties. Mars is the energy of self-assertion, so this transit may reveal that you’ve been asserting yourself in an inappropriate way. More positively, if you have collaborated with others to achieve goals, those activities now reach a crescendo. Either way, Mars and your Sun invite the opportunity for creative ways of relating to others.

How this plays out on the romantic front depends on which side of the teeter-totter you’ve recently been sitting on. For those in a committed relationship, Mars can surface scenarios where one partner is trying to domineer the other; but this only brings to light power issues which have been out of balance for some time. These are not unresolvable issues, so do not over-dramatize the circumstance into a crisis. Think more about how both partners can get a piece of what they want. On the other hand, if you and your sweetheart have been working constructively on a new endeavor together, then Mars adds energy to the joint vision. Between March 1st-16th is a potently enjoyable time. High-five and hug. For those in the dating arena, your vibrational aura shows up in others. Potential partners replicate the energy you are putting out. Find yourself saying “I can’t believe she/he did that!”? Then it’s really more about how you set up the circumstance; the faulty belle or beau is just acting it out for you and all the world to see. If, however, lots of positive reinforcement exists on the dating scene, then kudos to your fine-tuned self-representation. The old adage “we get what we give” is alive and well this month in your relationships, Libra.

In work matters, look for ways to draw supporters to your cause. Action around shared goals is more likely to receive approval and accolade than attempting to be a solo star. Working as a team is the name of the game for March, and Libra is expert at social strategy. March 6th-8th the Moon is in your sign, so this is an excellent time to step forward as the office unifier.

March 16th proves a pivotal time for you, Libra, and your cardinal compatriots (Aries, Cancer and Capricorn). Two planets- Uranus and Pluto- finish the intense exchange they’ve been having since 2012. Over the past three years, this ongoing transit has created a slow simmering tension in your psychological space and the relief process has finally arrived. Pluto digs up everything we thought we could hide and Uranus irritates us until we resolve to move forward differently. Yikes! Unexpected events may have been occurring which strike at core beliefs or challenge the current path you’re on. “Of course I always wanted to be a doctor…right?” “Of course I’m happy with my marriage…Oh wait, my old love is finally single now?” “No really, I’ve moved on from that…sort of.” Rather than avoiding these controversial thoughts, it’s better to embrace them- by exploring you are getting back in touch with who you really are. And being one’s true self may mean letting others, or their false conceptions of you, down. Disappointing others is absolutely the toughest lesson for Libra, who seeks approval from and communion with others. The Uranus-Pluto transit teaches Libra about finding self-approval and having a true relationship with yourself.

This month is all about equilibrium for you, Libra, so focus on synchronizing the many facets of your personality. Anything that seems disharmonious now has the opportunity to be brought into check. For Libra, life is about and… not or. After March 16th, your outer life begins to mirror your inner world and balance re-enters the picture after a long hiatus.


photo: Dita Von Tesse

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