Lunar Eclipse in Libra: Both Sides Of The Coin

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This Saturday April 4th we experience the first Lunar Eclipse of the year occurring in the zodiac sign of Libra. With a Lunar Eclipse, the Sun- our conscious self- is positioned at odds with the Moon- our unconscious self. This planetary opposition draws attention to areas of life which are currently out of balance. Lunar Eclipses are basically high-powered Full Moons; we are able to see the results of our actions in a specific arena up until now, and are invited to take pivotal next steps in bringing more fullness to those intentions. Lunar Eclipses act like mirrors reflecting back to us the attitudes of how we’ve been proceeding thus far. If we have been proceeding properly, then the Lunar Eclipse likely represents a memorable turning point about taking something to the next level. If, however, the correct course of action has not been followed, then the Lunar Eclipse likely signals a crisis of consciousness where startling events or deep worries realize in your inner world.

We experience the springtime eclipse in Libra, and later this year experience its partner Lunar Eclipse in Aries. The zodiac signs of Libra and Aries are seated across from each other in mutual compliment on our relationship axis. Libra is the sign of connecting with others and Aries is the sign of projecting oneself. Eclipses on the Libra-Aries axis are about the relationship to oneself as much as it is about connecting with others.

Libra energy is about relating; this cardinal sign of the zodiac seeks out connection with others in order to balance the self. Transits under Libra energy are excellent times for relationship-building, teamwork, socializing and soliciting advice from a variety of opinions. Libra tends to take a poll before deciding. The Lunar Eclipse may force a serious evaluation of whom and how you’ve been relating.

·         If you have spent too much time socializing with people whose lifestyles are not conducive to meeting your deepest needs, or if you have stayed too long in an unfulfilling romance, then expect signs that these relationships have run their course.

·         Conversely, if you have recently begun networking with professionals and friends who may be effective contacts connected to future goals then this may be the time when one of those contacts becomes pivotal.

·         On the romantic front, you and a partner may choose to take your relationship to the next level.

·         In health matters, the proper balance of your work life/home life rhythm may reach a critical point where it becomes evident in your bodily systems how fairly you have or have not attended to wellness needs.

The April 4th Lunar Eclipse in Libra is also affected by other planetary activity. During the eclipse event, the Sun- our ego identity- and Uranus, planet of surprise, are linked up together in the projective sign of Aries. As a result, we may make particularly assertive strides to express ourselves and boldly reach out to those of interest. Sudden proclamations of feelings, flashy attempts to attract attention, and unexpected but instrumental encounters are likely to occur. At the same time Pluto, planet of power, will be asserting her energy on Sun/Uranus as well as the Moon. This adds to the sense of tension and excitement around the cosmic event. Expect the April 4th Lunar Eclipse to be the most powerful of all four 2015 eclipses.

For those who were born under the cardinal signs of Libra, Aries, Capricorn, Cancer you will feel this weekend’s Lunar Eclipse. Especially if you were born with a mid-degree Sun in any of the cardinal signs, you will feel added eclipse impact (say if you were born within a few days on either side of April 4th, July 6th, October 8th or January 5th). Those with cardinal Rising signs or mid-degree cardinal planets (around 15 degrees) also experience eclipse effects.

The springtime Lunar Eclipse in Libra calls attention to how successfully two parts of our lives have been integrated; with the Libra eclipse we look for what might be out of balance so that we can increase a sense of equilibrium and fullness in that area. Later this year in October we experience the partner Lunar Eclipse in Aries with a counter-perspective. The fall will re-center us around individual objectives and make us less in need of polling the crowd to make decisions. But first, we begin this April with our sights set on seeing both sides of the coin with Libra.

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