Libra: Play The Part

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Self-reflection is critical this month as Mercury, the thinking planet, continues its Retrograde cycle in your sign Libra. Mercury Retrograde asks you to slow down, think carefully through issues and next steps and, potentially, reverse or terminate an inappropriate course of action.

Occurring in the house of first impressions, Mercury Retrograde may suggest revisions in appearance, diction or body language- Libra needs to rethink the way it comes off to others. We attract things based on the signals we put out, so if you are wanting to change directions then you need to put out a different message. Are you behaving in a way that matches your intentions?

For example, if you are wanting to attract a sophisticated potential marriage partner, then consider updating your look to more business class or socializing at professional networking functions. Or if you are if you are wanting a promotion at work, try rephrasing language with your boss to sound more like an emerging leader: “I’ve thought of potential star client accounts that would add speed to our revenue growth this year, and I need thirty minutes in your office this week to discuss these ideas with you.” Whatever the case, Libra is learning that it must act the part it wants to be.

The self-reflection process runs through October 9th when Mercury will finally conclude its Retrograde cycle. Then, on October 12th, the New Moon refreshes Libra’s image and energy. After this time, Libra is able to successfully manage its newly adjusted aura.

Partnerships, business and romantic, were likely challenged by the Mercury Retrograde cycle. Especially if there were legally binding matters between you two, things got messy or seemed to not reach a resolution. However, as soon as the New Moon passes on October 12th, love and money matters will move ahead. Plan important interactions in your partnership for October 25-27th when the Moon favors your relationship house, or for the October 27th Full Moon which culminates events.

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