Libra: Mirror Effect

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Relationships get reworked this month as Mercury Retrograde affects Libra from September 17th-October 10th. Mercury is the strategist; as the fact-finder planet of the zodiac, Mercury is seeking out information regarding the status of your alliances and is opening the communication doors for any imperative data to get aired. After its Retrograde period, Mercury will then be ready to move ahead on what it’s found out by October.

What was happening around April 4th? This was the last time you experienced a Lunar Eclipse in your sign. As Mercury Retrograde coasts over this same area in your horoscope, events surrounding April 4th may resurface; either you are getting a second chance on a previously passed up opportunity, or you are reckoning with a missed lesson until it’s resolved.

In love, Mercury Retrograde is sometimes known for resurfacing old flames as well as marking the beginning/ending of a romance. Since Mercury rules information and communication, there may also be unanticipated outreaches from love interests. Or perhaps, the communication comes to an inexplicable halt. In all scenarios, matters of the heart and messaging collide.

Anticipate partnerships or the domestic situation to undergo necessary editing during the September 17th-October 10th period. What unexpected changes will occur in romance or at the house? With relationships, this shift will have more to do with freedom; within the home/family, this shift has more to do with death (literal or symbolic) or the exposing of outdated, hidden psychological garbage.

With regards to personal introspection, Mercury Retrograde may inspire self-revision. Libra may turn inwards to ask “Is this who and how I really want to be?” A bit of soul-searching would be healthy at this time to check in on authenticity levels, measuring how accurately your external life represents your inner world at present. This self- evaluation is especially important, and often difficult, for Libra who is the relater of the zodiac; Libra tends to see themselves through the lens of approval in others. Getting grounded in your own sense of self-worth, however, would actually make you a more sophisticated relater to others in the long run.

September 27th is the complimentary Lunar Eclipse to the events which occurred around April 4th. Occurring in the partnership house, you will see a true reflection of yourself outlined in another person. Whether the relationship is romantic, familial or professional, distinct scenarios involving another person will stand out; be aware that what is actually being revealed is something about you. If you have been waiting to make a decision on next steps in any relationship, the Lunar Eclipse would be an ideal time.

Throughout September, Libra learns more about itself through the mirrored behaviors of others. You may need to do some self-revisioning, which could include breaking free from any constraining partnerships so that you can indeed be more at liberty to be yourself. Amidst this, anticipate a symbolic passing/transition within the household that ultimately allows more psychological space to reshape yourself and lifestyle. On the whole, Libra is freeing up.

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