Libra: Lovescope 2017

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Kelley Devine- Libra

Libra is the partnership sign of the zodiac, and lucky Jupiter opens the doors to love from September 2016-October 2017. This thirteen-month span heralds the best opportunity Libra’s had in 12 years to snag a sweetheart. Because Jupiter also tends to confirm and legalize things, anticipate serious measures such as moving in together, jointly purchasing a home, engagement or marriage. Ruled by Venus, this stylish sign holds the honor of most likely to link-up in the zodiac, seeking pairings that elevate social status. Libra takes the cake this year in the cosmic popularity contest, easily winning and sustaining the attention of a beloved.

If your Venus is in Libra or you have Libra rising, then Jupiter’s pass from last summer to this summer may light up your bank account as well as relationship. You may suddenly acquire access to material resources or cash, kudos to your partner. Venus describes what we value and how we attach, so when in the sign of Libra, romance and beauty are key. Being popular, beautiful or artistic is like candy in attracting a Libra lover. Libra Venus values above all else: feeling desired. Once courtship fades from a relationship, Libra may employ passive aggressive techniques to regain attention or begin flirting elsewhere for the sheer sake of wanting to feel wanted. They key to keeping Libra Venus is to keep the romance alive.

Libra slows down to think through its next major life milestone, and consider what role (typically a prominent one) partnership could play, from February 6th-June 9th when Jupiter goes Retrograde. The idea of getting married, purchasing a home or establishing a family may figure quite significantly. If you’re unsure about a relationship, addressing those challenges or possibly event exiting the union could happen around March. Should you conclude a romance have no worry, wooing new admirers comes easily with Jupiter’s influence through the Fall. For the single Libra, dating prospects are better in the second half of the year. In all romantic matters, Libra should gain a healthy perspective on their love situation around the April 11th Full Moon.

Romantic commitments are favored in October when both Venus and Jupiter grace your sign. October 14th-November 6th could spark a new union and certainly is a favorable time for those in established relationships to further their bond. All Libras should plan a special night out under the October 19th New Moon.

Towards the Fall and into next year, Libra may be investing money in real estate, the home or family, so you’ll want to make sure you’ve found a partner who is all-in. Select a sweetheart who appreciates your artistic sense and gracious hosting skills; certainly someone who can fund your eye for beautiful things or provide strategic social connections is a plus. Careful not to settle on a partner for fear of loneliness. Maintain high standards and commit to a union where the joy of an ongoing courtship process can keep love alive eternally.

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