Libra: It’s Not You, It’s Me

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Libra- Dita Von Tesse

Relationships revive as Venus, the significator of harmony and balance, crosses the face of Libra’s horoscope. Next month, Libra will be making big choices about existing relationships and also its outlook on the balance of interacting with others in general. Therefore, November starts brining love and partnership back into focus.

Venus is the cosmic beautifier, she smooths things over and lights up the room with her subtle glow. When Venus arrives, all the sudden things are just a bit nicer. As the natural planetary ruler of Libra, Venus’ presence in your horoscope is an important announcement that ease, pleasure and camaraderie have entered the sphere of consciousness. November 8th through month’s end, Libra lives in its natural state. What’s going on in romance and business relationships?

If you are single and waiting for love, a new romance or “flirtation-ship” may now arise. If you are in a relationship, this should be a markedly pleasant period within the pairing (even if things have recently been tough). Professionally this might mean you are attracting new clients or even seeing an increase in financial security. Intense feelings about relationships, romantic or professional, pop out when Venus aspects powerful Pluto on November 20th. Careful not to let your passion turn into a power struggle or attempt to own your partner. A bit of breathing room is required after the brief but intense intermingling, so Libra seeks independent space and a break from the norm on November 23rd when Venus moves on to liberating Uranus.

Uranus- the cosmic liberator- will play an important role in Libra’s near future as it stirs you towards taking yourself more seriously. Libra is the relater of the zodiac; while it makes a superb friend or diplomat, Libra often struggles to see itself clearly. When you’re always seeing your identity through the lens of relationships, it’s hard to know where you begin and others end. As Uranus presses forth in your horoscope, Libra is suddenly prompted to do something counterintuitive- to focus on individuality. From December onwards, Uranus compels Libra in the individuation process. Use this month as a final look at close relationships, because very soon they will be changing…

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