Libra Horoscope- April 2015: It Takes Two To Tango

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The Libra horoscope for this month centers around the April 4th Lunar Eclipse in your sign. The Lunar Eclipse is essentially a super-powered Full Moon or, as we say in astrology, when the Sun and Moon sit on opposite sides of each other in the sky. As the name would suggest, Full Moons bring a sense of ‘fullness’ to efforts we have been working on since the last lunation in that sign. How much progress has been made since starting? Since Lunar Eclipses take Full Moons to the next level, we should anticipate a clear turning point.

What themes began in your life around April 15th 2014? This is the last time you experienced a Lunar Eclipse in Libra. If you can’t recall immediately, try checking previous journal entries, bank statements, travel logs or asking trusted friends. With this month’s event you should expect similar themes to relive again.

Occurring in the sign of Libra, this month’s highlight cosmic event is about balancing needs. Libra’s symbol is the scales of the zodiac, both sides of the scale must receive matching weight in order to achieve equilibrium. Wherever the Libra-Aries axis occurs in your personal astrology chart, ask:

  • What needs may be desiring added attention?
  • What things are out of balance?
  • Am I paying attention to other perspectives so that my own is more complete?

Libra energy is about relationships, so this eclipse should reveal how effectively you are relating the various parts of your life.

April 16th, 17th and 18th the theme of relating continues as the Moon moves through your partner sign. By the April 18th New Moon, you rethought the concept of appropriate equilibrium in your life as determined during the earlier eclipse and move ahead feeling revitalized.

If you are Libra rising, then this month is all about your romances and close interpersonal relationships. April starts off with a Lunar Eclipse igniting your relationship axis and making an aspect to Uranus, the planet of surprise. An unexpected pronouncement of feelings from a lover? A sudden beginning or ending to an affair? Quick decision to take your relationship to the next level? Or, perhaps, deciding to have a healthier relationship with yourself? A few days later on April 8th, Mercury- the messenger planet- also meets up with the planet of surprise so look for impromptu communications or gift exchanges from a partner. Since Jupiter, the planet of increase, also moves full steam ahead on the 8th this date is really about moving forward on feelings for others. In a business scenario, the 4th-8th is about choosing partners, the terms of agreement within that partnership, and likely signing official documents. In all aspects, personal or professional, the rest of April’s activity circulates around intimacy. In romance, this may be defining relationship boundaries, sexual expectations, and agreeing on shared time or expenditures that benefit you both. In career, this is defining shares of the business, allocating responsibilities between partners, and structuring joint assets. With the New Moon on April 18th, agreements have been made and everybody is ready to move on.

Libra is in her element this month with the natural focus on relationships being April’s central theme. While you are the sign most effected by the Lunar Eclipse, you are also the sign best equipped for handling its energy. Trust that your nature will innately discover the appropriate balance of emotion, time, commitment and caring. Later, in September of this year, your partnership decisions will be tested again and you’ll have another opportunity to rebalance the scales…


*If you do not know your Rising sign, we can easily determine it using your birth date, birth location and birth time. Determining your Rising sign will tell you what horoscope sign to also read for in addition to your regular sun sign, whereby providing more specific times/dates when activities occur your life. For your chart, connect with me at

2 Responses to "Libra Horoscope- April 2015: It Takes Two To Tango"
  1.' Jason says:

    so far, so true :-/

    • Maurielle says:

      Good to hear Jason, that means you are moving in sync with the natural Libra energies at this time. Libra continues receiving cosmic action now through summer, especially in the areas of love and money, as Pluto- planet of power- moves Retrograde in aspect to your sign. Lots to look forward to!

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