Libra: Healthy Tension

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Kelley Devine- Libra

Images are of paintings by Houston artist, Kelley Devine.

This month, Libra- the relationship sign- experiences a counterintuitive planetary adjustment that will challenge its partnership nature as Uranus moves Retrograde in opposition to your sign. Freedom is the focus of Uranus Retrograde, and this may be an uncomfortable experience for Libra who is naturally attachment-oriented. From July 26th– Christmas, Libra reconsiders emotional and tangible attachments around the question of: Am I moving in the flow of my highest calling? Anything that feels like an obstruction to the grand purpose may erode between now and the holidays. Overall, Libra is learning that the most important relationship one can have is with the self.

The July 1st Full Moon and July 15th New Moon in your fellow cardinal signs makes a tension angle across the horoscope, with the New Moon being particularly intense. In fact, there may be a fair amount of intensity throughout the entire month as Mars continuously makes a tension angle to Libra. The purpose of all this activity is not to make Libra feel anxious, but rather to make you just uncomfortable enough to finally let go of people, circumstances or ways of thinking that have kept you attached to the wrong things. Keep your radar tuned for eliminating anything which has created an unhealthy imbalance between your true nature and how you’re actually living life. A series of significant changes is immediately ahead, and so the universe now makes you agitated enough with current circumstances such that you will be accepting of the new shifts when they arrive. The first glimpse of change will be with September’s Lunar Eclipse in your partner sign along with Pluto’s push forward. Then in December, Uranus pushes forward and you end the year with imperative life shifts in full swing- especially in the relationship department. 2015 rounds out with resolution around events stemming from approximately March 16th.

For Libra rising, there are multiple cosmic themes this month. July begins with a balancing act between public and private life obligations as a Full Moon on the 1st echoes changes in your domestic situation which have been in flux since March/April when Pluto took one step forward and then one step back in the house of roots. Family or household matters require attention. Mars, however, spends the entire month in your career house suggesting that worldly ambitions may pull attention away from the home base. A subsequent New Moon in the career house on July 15th reiterates the drive to accomplish goals but also adds tension to private needs. Focus shifts to the social life when Venus moves Retrograde on July 25th; who you are spending time with and under what circumstances gets reviewed until September. Venus asks- Is my socializing purposeful, are my networks getting me where I want to go? Certain relationships may break off when Uranus then moves Retrograde on July 26th. Do not worry, however, as these relationships were ultimately a useless filler of time. A clearer picture of relationships- social or romantic- will appear with the July 31st Full Moon. From a long term point of view, Libra rising is overall preparing to live in a more spiritually authentic way; as such, a necessary clearing out of artificial things must occur.

Libra lives in gentle discomfort this month, but what makes you uncomfortable should reveal that which necessarily must be expunged so that true happiness and balance can be reached. You are amidst a process which is less about the external world, and more about strengthening the relationship with yourself. Moon is in your sign, Libra, July 21-22nd so focus on getting in touch with your true nature and calling, and proceed from there.

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