Libra: Breaking Boundaries

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Libra- Dita Von Tesse

Public image is Libra’s focus this month as cosmic activity heats up your career and social houses- prepare to live in the spotlight!

June begins with lots of opportunities to grow personal awareness as Mercury, Mars and a New Moon expand the house of travel, learning and culture in your solar chart. Will you take a trip somewhere? Even if you cannot physically leave the city, perhaps you will go to an art exhibition or dance class which teaches you about how beauty is celebrated in other parts of the world? In some way, you are called to go beyond your immediate surroundings and explore different ways of thinking. This is what we call accumulating ‘worldliness’. If you do make plans to travel as part of this worldly quest, plan for after June 11th when Mercury moves directly ahead. In fact, June 16th may be the ideal date since the New Moon will signal a mental fresh perspective making you more open to the diverse people and places you are set to encounter. Drink in the new experiences; while it appears you are learning more about others, you are in fact learning more about yourself in the end.

As of June 6th, Venus supports your expansion mission with her passage through your social house. This suggests a chance meeting- potentially with a foreigner or while traveling- that can give you the opportunity of a lifetime. Remember that “the opportunity of a lifetime” could be as big as a job offer, or as simple as a piece of wisdom you needed to hear at a pivotal crossroads. Around June 30th may be particularly auspicious as Venus, the gift bearer, meets up with Jupiter, the sage. Pay careful attention to spiritual signs- miracles come in many forms.

Adventurous exploration and chance meetings appear to benefit your status as Mars catalyzes your house of honors and achievements by the end of the month. So even though it may just feel like you are having fun, its actually getting you somewhere. Things set in motion now may prove beneficial by September’s Lunar Eclipse in your partner sign. As you become worldlier, more adept and less afraid to reach beyond yourself, important people take note- possibly future business partners or lovers. June 24th-25th the Moon is in your sign, Libra, so expect to execute with exceptional class. Amidst all your enjoyment, more people might we watching than you yet realize.

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