Libra: 2016 Forecast

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Kelley Devine- Libra

Libra, the partnership sign of the zodiac, approaches relationships in a new way during 2016. Rather than seeking out a companion, Libra focuses on self-empowerment so you become inherently irresistible to others. The cosmic relater therefore draws in others by nurturing themselves. The rest of us become magnetically attracted to Libra’s light!

As soon as early spring, Libra begins feeling a change within themselves. The March 23rd Lunar Eclipse is Universe’s “okay to go” signal for moving ahead towards personal and professional goals. While January may technically be the first month of the year, March is the month when Libra really kicks into the new year.

The springtime Lunar Eclipse reveals the results of a path you have been on since the October 12th 2015 New Moon. What people or decisions were important at that time? Libra now sees if that is the proper path and how to continue in the best way. Think back even further to around April 4th 2015; this was the last Lunar Eclipse that Libra experienced and it may be possible for similar things to be true now that were then.

The second half of the year brings light, love and opportunities Libra’s way with incredible gusto. Venus- planetary ruler of romance, beauty and money- graces your zodiac sign August 29th-September 23rd. It is quite likely that love is knocking on your doorstep, and Libra may begin a flirtation now that evolves into a more defined romance into the fall. In an existing relationship, this would be an impeccable time to do something that takes your love to the next level such as a couple’s vacation, exchanging meaningful gifts, or making a joint investment together like a property etc.

Professionally, Libra may find it is quite popular at work or receiving accolades in August-September. If there is money at stake, Libra is able to receive additional bonuses, request monies or close deals with great success. If you have been waiting to make a significant financial play, this is a very good window; but in fact there will other very good financial windows also in September-November should you choose to wait a bit longer.

Since Libra is the zodiac’s arbiter of good taste, Libra may also wish to invest in appearance or luxury goods to improve its social status when Venus passes through your sign. If you have been wanting to get a makeover, plastic surgery, or invest in luxury items such as a brand name car or designer handbag then August through the fall would be an ideal time.

September signifies the true dividing line of the year. It’s already been a good year for Libra, but as of September everything generally improves for your zodiac sign all the way into Fall 2017. Over the next thirteen months, Jupiter- planet of growth and good luck- enhances Libra so it is an excellent time for taking risks, making investments and- most especially- falling in love. In fact, this is the best time you’ve had in 12 years to improve your life and achieve success.

Since summer of last year, Jupiter was hiding out in the backdrop of Libra’s horoscope. You’ve been soul-searching. These past months have been a time for closing out old relationships or circumstances, wondering what it is you want to do and who you may wish to do it with, and thinking through future moves (though you likely were not ready to act on them just yet). Jupiter now completes its soul-searching phase, and brings your renewed self into the light as it crosses the horizon line of your horoscope beginning September 10th. Libra will be on the world stage September 2016-October 2017 reaching imperial heights in love and professional accomplishments. Jupiter’s pass is also a common relocation transit, so don’t be surprised if Libra moves or buys/sells property as part of its adventure.

October 1st is arguably the best day in the year for Libra as a New Moon blesses the new journey you kicked off in September when Jupiter began its pass through your zodiac sign. At this New Moon, set intentions for the person you want to become. Have a vision and a goal. With the help of Jupiter, no dream is too wild. Be sure to dream as much as possible!

Art by Kelley Devine.

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