Leo: Earned It

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Connecting creativity to cash flow is Leo’s focus as Venus hovers in your sign October 1st-8th. Now is the time to focus on the practical realities of making a dream come true. How much will it cost you- time, money, effort- to see a project through? What other things might you have to sacrifice in order to promote this project or dream? How much are you worth? These decisions become imminent around October 10th when Venus in your financial house squares Saturn in your creativity house.

The Moon is in your sign Leo on October 6-7th so begin assimilating the necessary resources required to implement the comprehensive vision. As a fire sign, Leo is a “big picture” thinker; when conceptualizing new ideas this works in your favor, but when it comes to actually moving forward on those things Leo needs help with the details. Saturn adds structure to expressive desires now through 2018, creating a three year window for you to thoroughly develop plans. Within that window, Jupiter adds a booster shot to finances beginning this summer up until fall next year- so that’s really the best opportunity to capitalize on initiatives. Leo starts checking things off the list on October 10th.

Leo’s daily work environment began subtle shifting in September when Pluto gained speed in your house of service. This may mean you plan to change roles within the same career, or perhaps the added income from personal projects means you aren’t as pressed by your current career commitments. For some, stepping out of traditional workforce to manage the family may be your new career. The evolving workplace situation takes a step forward with the October 27th Full Moon.

As it relates to collaborators, professionally or romantically, Leo will see movement in joint finances as soon as next month. You will want to have your needs in order by then, so use October to clearly define the goals of personal projects- especially regarding budget. In all areas of life, Leo should be putting a dollar value on itself and corresponding efforts/talents. You are worth it!

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