Gemini: Roots In The Ground

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The most changeable sign of the zodiac prepares to put down roots as two planets- Saturn and Jupiter- paint for Gemini a more stable future. What can make you feel more grounded- without feeling limited? Saturn, the cosmic judge, positions across from your sign now through the next two years encouraging Gemini to get serious about relationships, career and overall maturity in daily behaviors. Committing to a specific relationship or getting married may look especially interesting for the first time for Gemini who usually likes to keep its options open.

In the meantime, Jupiter- the enhancer planet- makes room in your heart and home for growing relationships and potentially a family. Between now and next summer, Gemini might move, buy/sell real estate or improve your domestic surroundings; as a sense of security underpins your foundations, taking on new responsibilities will feel more feasible.

Mars, the energizer planet, spends all of October with Jupiter in your domestic house. A busy time at home, you might be fixing things up, working from home or dealing with family relations. Mars and Jupiter are perfectly in sync October 17th so anticipate a surge of energy and willpower do get things done; follow what inspires you in that moment. Venus joins the cosmic conversation October 9th-month’s end, making it a great time to entertain loved ones at home or hide out in your own little nest. A discussion with your partner about sharing a home or spending more time with relatives could arise October 10th when Venus in the domestic house makes a strong aspect with Saturn in the relationship house. Gemini may need to consider investing in their home to make way for a growing love relationship, or family approval/quality family time may determine if and how a love relationship will proceed. If you have been waiting to spend money on domestic or family matters, you are now able to do so. October 25th would be especially prime for financial generosity as Venus syncs up with Jupiter.

October 1st-2nd the Moon is in your sign so plan on making yourself known in three ways: 1) Be known to yourself through conscious evaluation and acceptance of what truly matters to you at this moment in time (acknowledging there is always room for change), 2) Be known to lovers and loved ones by boldly expressing exactly how you feel about them, and how you’d like to see the relationship grow and 3) Be known through your tangible commitments that you are a thought-led person who is able to put stakes in the ground about who and what they believe in. Gemini is growing up.

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