Gemini: New Moon, New Ground

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Gemini has entered the commitment phase in life. Saturn is already positioning in your relationship house to establish definite boundaries around love, Jupiter continues growing your domestic house making home and family a priority, and now Neptune accelerates your career house as of November. Home, career and romance start solidifying when Gemini experiences a New Moon in your sign this month. What stakes will you put in the ground?

The home front receives priority during the first half of the month as loving Venus and productive Mars draw attention to nesting necessities. Mars suggests lots of activity around the house, and Venus says it’s an ideal time to invest financially in the home and have loved ones around. The domestic duo get cozy with caregiving Moon on November 7th making your abode a cosmic hot spot. If marriage and children are a near-term part of the plan, this month is perfect for establishing a welcoming space in your surroundings for these future accompaniments. If career ambitions are top of the mind, and you are considering relocating or buying property as a demarcation of that success, now is an opportune window for making successful real estate moves.

Achievements and ambitions take their turn in the spotlight November 18th when Neptune finally moves ahead in your career house. Since June, Neptune has been Retrograde or temporarily backwards. This may have caused delays in professional progress, or provoked confusion about the direction you should be headed in life. When the Retrograde cycle at last concludes this month, Gemini’s sense of inspired “calling” returns. Perhaps you will go for a big promotion or new job, but remember too that exiting traditional workforce could be your next calling. It is very possible that Gemini may exit corporate America in favor of becoming a full-time parent, stay-at-home spouse, or pursue a spiritual path. Whatever path you choose, accept that Neptune is opening up Gemini to look at life calling from a much more broadened, mature perspective- outside of tradition or social expectation. Choose a path that speaks from the soul.

Gemini likely finds that the presence of others determines the next step in life calling. You may need to firm up or let go of an intimate relationship in order to move forward. Mercury- the communication planet- enters your relationship house November 20-30th opening the lines of communication with partners. Conversations which define the relationship arise November 24th when expressive Mercury chats up serious Saturn. Say what needs to be said between the two of you.

The November 25th New Moon in your sign gives Gemini a power boost in the three major life areas which received cosmic attention this month: home, career and love. Especially as it connects to relationships, the New Moon empowers Gemini to make definite decisions. Gemini is the most changeable sign of the zodiac, so commitment is something that only comes when you feel that it allows greater freedom in the long run.

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