Capricorn: Lovescope 2017

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Kelley Devine- Capricorn

Capricorn is the leadership sign of the zodiac, filled with ambition and driven to be successful. Capricorn evokes a worldly air, frequently accompanied by the material trappings of prestige. Responsible, sophisticated and orderly, partners admire how you always seem to have everything under control. You may be attracted to someone who is professional, worldly, rich or dependable. Picking a partner who is warm, tender and nurturing would be a healthy balance to your collected disposition. Ever-cool Capricorn is surprisingly passionate once trust and familiarity are established. Love is something that is built, so the key to winning a Capricorn is to steadily withstand the test of time.

This year, Capricorn completes a phase of life that has been focused on career advancement during which time love may have taken a backseat or was only pursued if it promoted your public status. Soon, Capricorn takes on a more festive and social flair that allows the romantic part of partnership to bring warmth to everyday circumstances.

A tricky Mercury Retrograde from holiday season rings in the New Year, suggesting you are still wrapping up plans from 2016 and maybe making relationship cuts if it’s not working out. What was happening in the love life in January 2016? You may observe a link from that time period to December 2016/January 2017 events.

Home or family require your presence during March. Capricorn may find itself responsible for negotiating diplomacy amongst relatives, or taking charge of updates to the household. The domestic sphere is always an important matter for Capricorn because having strong, reliable roots is the foundation for confidence and opportunity in the wider world.

Beginning this Winter, Capricorn will step into a new life phase where socializing, friendships, spiritual studies and introspection humanize this somewhat somber sign. Before the transition occurs though, you get one final chance to regroup from April 21st-September 29th. As you take more responsibility for your own self-development, are you open to allowing a partner to shape, mold and grow you in sensitive ways that are beyond your traditional rules? If so, you may begin to feel personal progress- and potentially romantic progress- by the July 9th Full Moon.

Powerfully developing the mature, evolved version of yourself kicks off December 19th when Saturn- the responsibility planet and natural ruler of Capricorn- enters your zodiac sign where it will remain until 2020. Over the next three years you will expand your network of professional contacts and social groups, delve into the intangible world of emotions/psychology/spirit (a feat for materially-oriented Cap!), possibly move or start a family, and perhaps most importantly open your heart to being influenced by a beloved. In fact, love may be the initial inspiration of this transformative period as Venus softens your sign from December 24th into the 2018 New Year.

As you consider a pairing, search for a sweetheart who reminds you that you are a successful human being. Achievements, status and money are all nice, but even if those things dissolved tomorrow who you are in character and soul is what counts- and a true love knows this. Pair up with someone who is solid, trustworthy, heartfelt and who desires to be there for you in every way possible. Together, you can build a love that endures.

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