Capricorn: Changing Faces

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Virgo- Adrien Broom

Capricorn may travel this month as a means of getting away, or perhaps related to professional goals. Jupiter, then enhancer planet, continues growing your house of personal expansion so media production, writing or competition (particularly athletic) are likely avenues Capricorn can use to bolster public image. In October, travel or worldly education plays a contributive next step in how major life goals evolve.

Mars, the energizer planet, accompanies Jupiter in your house of personal expansion for the entire month of October. Mars elevates energy levels and boosts confidence around successfully taking risks with a crescendo around October 17th. What challenge would thrill you? In medical astrology, Mars represents the entire physical body so perhaps you are engaging in some physical sport or competition. In any scenario, Mars pumps up your willpower and vitality levels month-long. Capricorn’s only warning is to not overexert yourself as that can lead to injury or exhaustion. In the long-run, things you are doing now to challenge and stretch yourself will build up to big payoffs as soon as September 2016.

These growth milestones may have something to do with changing your public image or professional direction. Since last month, Capricorn has evaluated if the current social role is an accurate representation of true identity. Perhaps you’re a lawyer, but really a dancer at heart; perhaps you’re an accountant, but really craving to become a full-time parent. Whatever the role, Capricorn thinks of ways to align identity with professional status in a more balanced way- or perhaps is taking steps to transition to another role completely. Clarity around these issues comes after October 10th.

The Moon is in your sign October 18-20th, so do something that enhances your future. Take a class, meet with a mentor, start saving extra cash to pad your upcoming transition, or update your look to be coherent with the public image you are evolving into. December is going to be a big month for Capricorn- start laying the foundations now.

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