Cancer: Nesting

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Domestic security continues reshuffling as Mercury Retrograde unsettles Cancer’s nest through October 9th. In September, partnerships moved forward with Pluto, but new steps in one area led to a bit of chaos in another. Cancer has to re-grasp its bearings amongst moving pieces, and your sign never feels fully at-home with itself until the actual home is in order.

The Moon is in your sign October 3rd-5th, so organize your emotions. As a water sign, Cancer “feels” its way through life; therefore, when something doesn’t completely “feel” right, Cancer can be thrown off track- whether or not there’s obvious logic to it. Take time to center yourself, focus objectively on surroundings, and realize you are in full control of everything that happens in your world. Partnerships- romantic or professional- gained traction last month, and career will experience similar movement in December. This in between time is ideal for cultivating emotional and practical resources that can help get you where you’re going. Consider asking family for help, working from home, or creating a private sanctuary within your nest- anything which lends to Cancer feeling supported and having a definite place of belonging. The October 12th New Moon is ideal for crystallizing these changes.

If you have siblings, plan important conversations or meetings for October 17th and 25th. Cancer may find itself in the position to heal sibling relationships if they have been challenged, or to lean on a trusted sibling for advice and practical support. If you don’t have blood siblings, a close friend or neighbor who feels like family may also play this same role.

As Cancer moves towards career transitions by holiday season, you may increasingly find that writing, speaking, media education or travel become part of your professional repertoire. If that is so, you will experience another step forward in this area next month. On the whole, Cancer still has a few more shifts before year’s end, but will enter 2016 with a clear path at full speed. Tie up loose ends now, and plan ahead.

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