Aquarius: Lovescope 2017

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Kelley Devine- Aquarius

Aquarius has been focused on growing their business empire and charitable or social involvements, but this year heralds the awakening of love as part of the grand mission. Have you been so consumed with succeeding that the joys of partnership have been forgotten? Aquarius may have sudden realizations in romance that leads to an elevation of their prestige resulting from partnership, and potentially prompting a substantial change in the home and family life by 2018.

The January 27th New Moon is time for setting intentions. What goals are merited this year? A sign typically favoring intellectual or worldly achievements, consider instead emotional or spiritual growth as a worthy goal for 2017. You may find a partner who exhibits these qualities elevates those traits within yourself.

A precursor to Valentine’s Day, the February 10th Lunar Eclipse sets the stage for relationship activity yet to transpire by Summer. The attached Aquarius quietly assesses if this is a union worth keeping. If yes, the partnership may escalate to a legal or public establishment somewhere between this Fall and Fall 2018. If not, the duo may dissipate between this Spring to Summer.

The February 26th Solar Eclipse accompanied by Neptune in the financial house could indicate that sources of income or the outcome of investments is unclear. Money worries psychologically put love on the back-burner, or cause undue tension in relationships.  It could also be that money is linked to outside business partnerships which feel unreliable or out of your control. Love can’t get through until you feel more confident and assertive about your financial position.

March-April questions if you and a sweetheart are effectively communicating about each other’s wants, needs and dreams. If you’re feeling disconnected from a partner, or are a single Aquarian struggling to hit it off with prospective partners, it may be that one or both of you isn’t speaking up honestly about what is desired from the relationship. Think through what you value most about yourself- and consequently want a lover to value in you- as well as what practical, sexual and moral qualities you would appreciate in a partner (careful, it’s not always the obvious answer!). If a relationship needs to end, this would be an appropriate time to do so. But a relationship that sustains this period will have strengthened in its communication abilities and support structure.

April-May draws attention to the home itself or to family scenarios. On a tangible level, Aquarius might be decorating, repairing or working on documents connected to the home. On an interpersonal level, there could be increased activity with family members or people who interact within the nest. It’s an excellent time to fix-up your psychic space on any level, especially since next year you might be moving or having someone enter/exit your nest on a permanent basis.

August activates the desire to have love play a more significant role in your overall identity. Aquarius is the zodiac’s individualist, so how can you still be yourself while being in a relationship or how could a partner uplift your sense of self? If you have overidentified with an unsatisfying relationship, or have felt unsensational without a relationship, August could be a wakeup call for the release of toxic people or self-limiting beliefs. A happy relationship may experience a growing desire to soon take this romance to the next level.

Aquarius has an open heart that welcomes other’s uniqueness, imperfections and quirks whereby making the recipient of your affections feel extremely special. A strong individualist, you celebrate the differences in others which, in turn, makes you seem confident, cool and attractive. In romance, Aquarius has a strong need to maintain their own sense of personhood. Relating to the beloved in a friendly, intellectual way but without too deep of an emotional commitment, you like to give yourself and others plenty of space to be. Sexual experimentation or unconventional relationship structures turn you on. Romantic death is a relationship that is traditional, safe, boring or requires intense emotional responsiveness. Aquarius sticks to a union where they feel free to explore without judgment.

If your Venus is in Aquarius then you march- and love- to the beat of your own drum, and are attracted to those who do as well. Venus describes what we value and how we attach, so when in the sign of Aquarius, uniqueness and surprise are key. You may be attracted to partners who stand out from the crowd or pursue unusual interests. Generally surrounded by an eclectic group of contacts or socializing in unexpected circles, Aquarius loves to break taboos, rebel against social standards, and sometimes get downright naughty- it’s so much fun to do things we shouldn’t! Aquarius Venus is a liberated lover who never wants to be tied down. But careful that an insistence on doing your own thing doesn’t ultimately leave you lonely.

The August 7th Lunar Eclipse inspires psychological reflection regarding where You are at this moment in your life in relation to the Other. Are you secure enough in your own identity to finally and fully bond with someone else without feeling that you’ve given up independence? Once your own position is established, another person’s feelings must also be established. How your beloved feels about the relationship, or perhaps the arrival of a special someone, becomes revealed around the August 21st Solar Eclipse.

For all those with Aquarian energy, the last significant relationship or memorable event within your romantic history may have transpired between Summer 2014-Summer 2015. This year reactivates your openness to being once again touched deeply by love. Choose a partner who is a unique individual in their own right, and softens your intellectual idealism with their warm emotionality. Someone who is comfortable with themselves will be comfortable with you- every aspect of you. And suddenly ‘Me’ and ‘We’ can beautifully coexist.

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