Aquarius: Know Yourself

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Love is in the air as Venus continues its journey through your partnership house until October 8th. Who makes your heart flutter? If you are in a relationship, this should be a very pleasant time in the pairing; if you are single, “flirtation-ships” likely arise now. From a business perspective, this signifies an amicable period amongst partners and potentially a profitable opportunity. In all cases, Aquarius is able to collaborate and empathize successfully with others. October 6-7th will be prime days to connect with important contacts.

Travel and international business deals don’t quite take off until after October 10th. Since last month, Mercury Retrograde has sidelined Aquarius’ plans to get out or get products out. In reality, the Universe is asking you to pause and consider if getting out is really the right move. Personally, this may mean that a vacation or work trip is potentially just an excuse for avoiding other more pressing activities back home. Professionally, this might mean you ought to reconsider if and how you should market services beyond home base. Particularly as it relates to business, Aquarius will feel surer of the proper path October 13-15th so plan critical meetings or decisions for this spread.

Intertwining with others is an ongoing theme in Aquarius’ life for the next year as Jupiter grows your intimacy house. Learning how to share time, space, money, emotions and responsibilities with others is something Aquarius will explore through a variety of scenarios. Since true intimacy comes from first knowing yourself best, so that you can share open and honestly with others, Aquarius should hone in on their own value system: what needs must absolutely be met, what can you not live with and not live without, how do you handle conflict, can you allow others to take care of you? These critical issues will emerge in any avenue of life where your values come into contact with the values of someone else.

The Moon is in your sign October 21st-22nd helping Aquarius examine its value system. To thine self be true.

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