Kelley Devine- Pisces

Pisces: 2016 Forecast

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Pisces and Pisces rising will be stretched in 2016, which can feel like growing pains or incredible personal growth depending on how well you respond. Two life areas undergo shifts- career and relationships- but they both fall under the bigger umbrella question: “Who Am I…Today?” All changes this year strive to make an authentic statement […]

Kelley Devine- Aquarius

Aquarius: 2016 Forecast

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Aquarius goes global this year when Jupiter- planet of growth, travel and knowledge- enters the international house in Fall 2016. All of this is part of Aquarius and Aquarius rising’s plan to enhance their financial position and material assets. In the meantime, Aquarius will refine its social networks and utilize a carefully curated rolodex to […]

Kelley Devine- Capricorn

Capricorn: 2016 Forecast

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January is full of surprises for Capricorn and Capricorn rising since two cosmic events occur in your zodiac sign at the start of the New Year. Mercury- planet of strategy, communication and information- goes Retrograde from January 5th-25th which suggests you need to rethink 2016 plans. Approaching the New Year you may have thought certain […]

Kelley Devine- Sagittarius

Sagittarius: 2016 Forecast

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‘Responsibility’ is the 2016 mantra for Sagittarius and Sagittarius rising as Saturn- the herald of maturity- continues its journey through your zodiac sign. Beginning in December 2014 and running through December 2017, Sagittarius embarks on a three year practice of determination, duty and commitment as Saturn evolves you into a new level of adulthood. This […]

Kelley Devine- Scorpio

Scorpio: 2016 Forecast

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In 2016, Scorpio and Scorpio rising continues efforts to secure a long-term financial future by building on opportunities and strategies which began last year. Scorpio may find that leveraging others through its social networks, or by helping others’ dreams succeed, is the pathway towards sustainable security goals. In fact, there may be much socializing and […]

Kelley Devine- Libra

Libra: 2016 Forecast

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Libra, the partnership sign of the zodiac, approaches relationships in a new way during 2016. Rather than seeking out a companion, Libra focuses on self-empowerment so you become inherently irresistible to others. The cosmic relater therefore draws in others by nurturing themselves. The rest of us become magnetically attracted to Libra’s light! As soon as […]

Kelley Devine- Virgo

Virgo: 2016 Forecast

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Jupiter, the enhancer planet, continues blessing your zodiac sign from January through September. Since last summer, Virgo and Virgo rising has had the best chance in twelve years for success, travel and falling in love. During the Jupiter Retrograde cycle January 7th-May 10th, Virgo reviews  opportunities and commitments made since Summer 2015; if you had […]

Kelley Devine- Leo

Leo: 2016 Forecast

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As Leo continues honing its creative projects or entrepreneurial businesses in 2016, money begins pouring in and soon publicity does too. From Summer 2014 -Summer 2015, Leo and Leo rising experienced a big cosmic push towards success, love and notoriety. This year, ride the wave of opportunity and put in effort required to turn those […]

Kelley Devine- Cancer

Cancer: 2016 Forecast

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First quarter 2016 continues Cancer’s efforts in education/training, commercial negotiations, and media involvements such as speaking or writing that started last year. In the bigger picture, Cancer is refining its area of service: how you wish to serve the world through your craft, and under what circumstances that is done best. If there was ever […]

Kelley Devine- Gemini

Gemini: 2016 Forecast

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2016 heats up romance, and potentially brings children, for Gemini and Gemini rising. The spring is marked by reworking love relationships so the choice of partner is best-aligned for mature commitment. By September, shifts in the family or domestic residence- which result from changes with children or creative entrepreneurial projects- are in full swing. The […]