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Pisces: Two Heads Are Better Than One

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Relationships dominate Pisces’ life throughout October as both Mars and Venus dance through your partnership house. How can others help you? Mars spends the entire month rallying collaborators and lovers to your side. Pay attention to who is and isn’t helping. There may be a resource hiding in plain sight who you have yet to […]


Aquarius: Know Yourself

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Love is in the air as Venus continues its journey through your partnership house until October 8th. Who makes your heart flutter? If you are in a relationship, this should be a very pleasant time in the pairing; if you are single, “flirtation-ships” likely arise now. From a business perspective, this signifies an amicable period […]

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Capricorn: Changing Faces

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Capricorn may travel this month as a means of getting away, or perhaps related to professional goals. Jupiter, then enhancer planet, continues growing your house of personal expansion so media production, writing or competition (particularly athletic) are likely avenues Capricorn can use to bolster public image. In October, travel or worldly education plays a contributive […]


Sagittarius: Hall Of Fame

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Sagittarius experiences honors, awards and achievements this month as three planets spotlight your public house. What will you be recognized for? The beginning of October may have you traveling; as the saying goes, one can’t be a prophet in their own land, so accolades for competency in your field may arise as a result of […]


Scorpio: Observe Carefully

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What’s going on behind the scenes? Mercury Retrograde passes through the hidden house of your horoscope up until October 9th, suggesting that not everything is as it seems. Mercury rules your friendship house as well as house of shared resources, so it is especially advised to stay extra alert in those areas. Because Mercury has […]

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Libra: Play The Part

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Self-reflection is critical this month as Mercury, the thinking planet, continues its Retrograde cycle in your sign Libra. Mercury Retrograde asks you to slow down, think carefully through issues and next steps and, potentially, reverse or terminate an inappropriate course of action. Occurring in the house of first impressions, Mercury Retrograde may suggest revisions in […]


Virgo: Thank Your Lucky Stars

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Virgo can thank its lucky starts this month- literally- as three planets align in your sign to bring fortune to the front door. Jupiter, the enhancer planet, continues making its mark on your sign as it will for quite some time to come. As Jupiter pushes open the gateway for abundance, Mars and Venus enter […]


Leo: Earned It

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Connecting creativity to cash flow is Leo’s focus as Venus hovers in your sign October 1st-8th. Now is the time to focus on the practical realities of making a dream come true. How much will it cost you- time, money, effort- to see a project through? What other things might you have to sacrifice in […]


Cancer: Nesting

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Domestic security continues reshuffling as Mercury Retrograde unsettles Cancer’s nest through October 9th. In September, partnerships moved forward with Pluto, but new steps in one area led to a bit of chaos in another. Cancer has to re-grasp its bearings amongst moving pieces, and your sign never feels fully at-home with itself until the actual […]

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Gemini: Roots In The Ground

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The most changeable sign of the zodiac prepares to put down roots as two planets- Saturn and Jupiter- paint for Gemini a more stable future. What can make you feel more grounded- without feeling limited? Saturn, the cosmic judge, positions across from your sign now through the next two years encouraging Gemini to get serious […]