Libra: Mirror Effect

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Relationships get reworked this month as Mercury Retrograde affects Libra from September 17th-October 10th. Mercury is the strategist; as the fact-finder planet of the zodiac, Mercury is seeking out information regarding the status of your alliances and is opening the communication doors for any imperative data to get aired. After its Retrograde period, Mercury will […]


Virgo: Omens In The Sky

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The entrance of Jupiter into Virgo as of this August marks a life peak period for your sign through September 2016. You are having the best chance in 12 years to accomplish goals, fall in love and successfully make change. Jupiter is the enhancer planet, so when it enters your sign count on abundance in […]


Leo: Defining Value

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Since July 25th, Leo has felt like a piece of life was temporarily on hold or perhaps even out of reach. This was especially true in matters of money or love. The culprit is Venus, ruler of the wallet and heart, enduring its Retrograde cycle. On September 1st, Venus Retrograde links up with Mars in […]


Cancer: Getting Comfortable With Uncomfortable

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Cancer’s world is about to change significantly when Pluto, the transformer planet, moves ahead on September 25th. Since 2012, Cancer has been affected by the double-duty dance of two planets- Pluto and Uranus- which, together, have been provoking a series of symbolic (or perhaps literal) deaths and rebirths. Over the past three years, Cancer has […]


Gemini: Roadwork Ahead

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Mercury, the planetary ruler of your sign Gemini, begins its Retrograde cycle this month forcing us to rethink how we get ourselves and our point across. Affecting both travel and communication from September 17th-October 10th, Mercury Retrograde will challenge our personal mission for the better. In Greek mythology, Mercury helped the living and dead traverse […]


Taurus: Priorities Of Pocketbook And Heart

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Venus, the planetary ruler of your sign Taurus, has been Retrograde or backwards since July 25th. This means that values and valuables have undergone an important review; you may have felt during this time period that things slowed down or perhaps even went in reverse. Rather than feeling stalemated, recognize that Retrogrades are simply the […]


Aries: Harbinger Of Change

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Take a stand, Aries, as the September 27th Lunar Eclipse in your sign heralds a call for action. Eclipses always signal turning points, and occurring in your own Sun sign means that every ounce of consciousness awakens to do something compelling. What is that compelling ‘something’ for you? The Lunar Eclipse complements the ongoing transit […]