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Pisces- April 2015: Rearranging The Fish Pond

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Last month, Pisces was the talk of the zodiac with a powerful March 20th Solar Eclipse in your sign. This month, the cosmic fish swims to less turbulent shores and gets a break from the universe’s spotlight. This does not mean, however, that April is uneventful for Pisces. In fact, last month’s Solar Eclipse cleared […]

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Aquarius- April 2015: Fill The Heart

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Opportunities for expanding horizons are on your doorstep this month Aquarius. Jupiter, the expander planet, moves into favorable aspect with your sign making the next few months a stream of serendipitous strides for Aquarius and its fellow fixed signs of Leo, Scorpio and Taurus. Especially when it comes to relationships and social contacts, you are […]

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Capricorn Horoscope- April 2015: View From The Mountaintop

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Eruptive transformation is Capricorn’s theme this springtime, and the series of significant turning points which began in March continues through April. Life may now feel metered by emotional volcanic activity as Capricorn is cracking open to reveal its more authentic elements underneath the surface. This month’s horoscope challenges the goat of the zodiac to cover […]

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Sagittarius Horoscope- April 2015: Knowledge Is Power

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The zodiac’s carefree archer is becoming more responsible as Saturn grows wisdom and maturity within you by passing through your sign. Last month, responsible Saturn turned Retrograde and this month that motion continues. The brief Retrograde period sets the tone for inner insights which comes from time to step back and evaluate before proceeding. April’s […]

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Scorpio Horoscope- April 2015: Hot and Bothered

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Scorpio’s sense of being stalled out since the holiday season finally changes course with the April 8th movement of Jupiter into a favorable position. The Scorpio April horoscope brings attention to life-shaping opportunities, but also challenges self-discipline to keenly discriminate amongst prospects. In July 2014, Jupiter- the universe’s growth agent- moved into aspect with your […]

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Libra Horoscope- April 2015: It Takes Two To Tango

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The Libra horoscope for this month centers around the April 4th Lunar Eclipse in your sign. The Lunar Eclipse is essentially a super-powered Full Moon or, as we say in astrology, when the Sun and Moon sit on opposite sides of each other in the sky. As the name would suggest, Full Moons bring a […]

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Leo horoscope- April 2015: Give and Recieve

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No one is more privileged than Leo this month as Jupiter, planet of increase, resumes her forward motion in your sign. The so-called “lucky” planet has been in your sign since July of last year, but temporarily went Retrograde back in December. This means that positive, evolutionary plans you initiated in July 2014 to expand […]

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Cancer horoscope- April 2015: Emotional Exercises

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In astrology, the sign of Cancer is governed by the planet Moon. Therefore, Cancerians should always pay special attention to daily cycles of the Moon as their moods are affected by lunar shifts more than any other sign of the zodiac. On April 4th, a Lunar Eclipse initiates new beginnings for Cancer and her cardinal […]

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Gemini horoscope- April 2015: Triangles

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The Gemini horoscope for April is designated by the sign’s signature charm as Venus, the pleasure planet, dazzles in dynamic Gemini from April 11th into next month. The need for multifaceted stimulus is prevalent, so expect fascinating triangles in many areas of life. Venus, the magnetizer, takes on the character of the zodiac’s twins meaning […]