Virgo: “Something” Is Coming

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Kelley Devine- Virgo

Images are of paintings by Houston artist, Kelley Devine.

Virgo is in the final preparation stage for what will be a life peak from August 12th 2015-September 9th 2016. Jupiter, planet of growth, is now on the precipice of entering your sign which will ultimately spur the drive to get in touch with a higher calling and also provide the practical tools and diligent tenacity to turn dreams into reality. In July, however, we are not quite there yet. Before next month’s Jupiter tipping point, Venus will toe the line in your sign during July offering a last minute chance to refocus desires before commitment to action plows ahead in August and thereafter.

Venus is the planet of value. On an internal level, Venus signifies personal value; self-worth, innate born talents seeking recognition and real-world application, the way we love and value ourselves and, therefore, the way we are able to love and value another. On an external level, Venus is represented through money because that is how we signify value in the daily world; but remember, at its core, how much we are willing to pay for something is really just an indicator of how much we value its perceived importance. As Venus moves through the sky, she asks- What is it that I want now based on what is truly important to me? Venus is always a question of desire.

On July 18th, Venus moves into your sign, Virgo, for a very brief stay. This slight forward movement is the precursor to greater life moves soon to be made. What and who is it that you absolutely love from the depths of your soul? When you feel connected to your highest power, how is it that your life looks? Venus invites us to see life in perfection. The Moon joins Venus on July 18th-20th, bringing incredible spiritual connectedness to the visioning process. Recognize that intentions are now being set for how a great many of events will waterfall over the next year.

Hold on to that vision because there is going to be a slight detour before plans finally take off. Venus goes Retrograde, or temporarily backwards, July 25th-September 6th meaning that desires get reviewed for heartfelt authenticity before the universe will commit to backing those plans. If you are telling yourself you want something that is not completely in line with you inner nature, Venus Retrograde will expose the pitfalls. There may be a sudden 180 degree turn in life plans just before the takeoff in September. If you have rightfully aligned intentions, then a sense of baited anticipation around waiting for those plans to take off will keep you hanging on the edge of your seat. Either way, Jupiter moving into Virgo in August will officially turn the page in life direction. And when Venus subsequently moves forward again in September, plans are well on their way.

For Virgo rising, love is in hiding this month as Venus begins her Retrograde cycle in the backdrop of your horoscope. Whether you are decidedly stepping out of the romantic market, or if the ideal mate has simply not yet emerged, July 25th through September initiates a review period in matters of the heart. For those in a relationship, reasons for sustaining the connection may come into question or feelings one usually keeps behind closed doors may now get exposed. If you are single, the approach to finding love could come under scrutiny or the relationship ideal may now take on a more spiritual or evolved concept. In all romantic scenarios, be aware that Venus Retrograde in the hidden house of the horoscope is notorious for secret love affairs or reemerging old flames. While love is not yet out front for the whole world to see, it does not mean that hopes of love or romantic encounters are not occurring- they are just not yet ready to be commented on by the public. Mars and a July 1st New Moon in the social house suggest that friends may help offer wise feedback on your love life, or potentially make introductions to mates. Go mingle those whose opinions you trust when it comes to matters of the heart. Overall, Virgo rising is preparing for committed love after Jupiter finally crosses the face of your horoscope in August and Venus reassumes her normal motion in September; the topic of partnerships will really pick up steam in October. With regard to practical matters, funds may be temporarily on hold during the Venus Retrograde period beginning in July. In fact, you may second guess or undo financial decisions made around August 2014. Should you chose to retract material choices previously made, it is probably for the best as you have now had more time to consider the facts and observe how in reality that investment plays out.

For everyone with Virgo energy, if you feel like “something” is coming, that’s because it is. Jupiter is on her way into your life in a big way, with Venus and Mars soon to follow. Spend July getting ready for significant life changes by aligning desires and resources around what is significant in you.


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