Virgo: Omens In The Sky

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The entrance of Jupiter into Virgo as of this August marks a life peak period for your sign through September 2016. You are having the best chance in 12 years to accomplish goals, fall in love and successfully make change. Jupiter is the enhancer planet, so when it enters your sign count on abundance in any aspect of life you focus energy on…key being that you must focus on it. Jupiter creates an opportunity for you to have success in certain areas, however you must be the one to decide what merits the most attention and how its subsequent fulfillment should transpire. Remember: planets don’t make things happen, people do. Planets are neutral energy that is waiting for you to manifest it. In this case, Jupiter is simply there to help move things along with a great deal of fortuitous ease. Hence why it is often dubbed the “lucky” planet. But in reality there is no magical luck- it’s all your doing!

On September 13th, a Solar Eclipse will accompany Jupiter’s efforts in your sign. Eclipses always signal turning points and, with a Solar Eclipse, watch for a noticeable event/encounter to tip the scales of your current life direction. The word ‘solar’ is connected to the word Sun which, in astrology, represents our conscious selves and outer world; therefore, a Solar Eclipse suggests a pivotal change in your way of thinking or external circumstance. For example, let’s say the current predominating theme in your life is: “How seriously does my partner take our relationship, where is this going?” On the Solar Eclipse they might suddenly make a heartfelt proclamation of affection, propose or, conversely, say something which reveals they are uncommitted in the long run. In either outcome of this hypothetical situation, there is a clear demarcation of the expected route of the predominating theme in your life.

With Neptune sitting in your partnership house, alliances may very well be the focal point of Virgo’s Solar Eclipse experience. Neptune invites soul-searching; for some, this feels like getting deeply in touch while for others it just feels like emotional confusion. Whenever introspection is involved, things are not always immediately clear. Navigating your partnership house, Neptune searches for connection- romantic, familial or professional- that serves the soul. At this moment in your life, there is no space for phonies or people who can’t “go deep” with you. If you are questioning a certain allegiance, think back to events which may have occurred around March 20th and then also carefully observe events around the September 13th Solar Eclipse. If you are waiting to receive proper compatriots, pay attention too. All relationships will become clearer by November when Neptune moves ahead full course.

Mars, the energizer planet, enters your sign Virgo on September 25th. On this same day, Pluto- planet of power- completes its Retrograde cycle. Together, these two planets position you to take action in romance or entrepreneurial endeavors- whichever is the most joyous, loving expression of yourself at this time. On the whole, Virgo is well positioned to take action on what you want in life. Move on it! Set intentions to accomplish as much as possible between now and next year this time.

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