Virgo: Lovescope 2017

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Kelley Devine- Virgo

Practical Virgo has been focused on making money and organizing the home front, but the stars are soon to remind you that life isn’t worth living without a bit of romance. Though you’re a sign typically focused on staying true to personal goals, Virgo’s heart strings get scintillated by the thought of helping a loved one achieve theirs. The February 26th Solar Eclipse in the partnership house is a wakeup call for love. The eclipse may draw you into a situation where someone special needs your assistance. Especially for Virgo rising, this situation may help bring clarity to a romantic scenario which has been unclear, dragging out or stagnated.

March and April review love relationships, considerations are especially strong from April 3rd-28th. For the single Virgo, you may need to reassess the romantic strategy to identify if you have been searching for a partner whose values truly match yours. In fact, you may reassess why you are looking for a partner at all- being solo for a while to pursue independent interests may be where your heart truly lies. For the committed Virgo, pumping goal-oriented activity back into to the partnership could be the needed aphrodisiac. Virgo is a busy, intellectual sign that loves improving situations so find a problem to solve with your partner and go enjoy making the world a better place together.

Although hallmarked as “the virgin sign”, Virgo is anything but lacking sex appeal. Virgo comes from the Latin word ‘virgin’ which means ‘pure or belonging to no other’, and in this way Virgo often exhibits an unapologetic sexuality that is never owned by a partner in the traditional sense but rather is enjoyed for the pure sake of pleasure. This earth sign is sensual as well as cerebral, in touch with physical pleasure and a wicked conversationalist. In search of essential purity, Virgo is the archetype of the helper- always seeking to improve itself, others and the world to attain the absolute best possible. In relationships, Virgo needs to feel free to pursue what its passionate about and, in return, they’ll love you for respecting their independence as well as for any practical, material or insightful assistance you provide. To catch the attention of a Virgo you admire, simply ask for their help.

For those with Venus in Virgo, you have a discerning love sign who possesses very particular taste, high standards (especially regarding moral truths), and a somewhat unattainable sensuality. Virgo Venus can sometimes tend to keep to itself, which is more about being true to one’s own interests and desires, a sort of purity of heart. Virgo symbolizes the quality of being self-possessed, having integrity and adhering to personal standards. It’s the purity of the self. In romance, Virgo is the lover who gives freely but whose affections cannot be bought. The key to happiness as a Virgo Venus is never selling out.

The August 12th-September 5th Mercury Retrograde cycle prompts an assessment of personal goals. How much have you accomplished thus far in the year that you had set out to do? Before the year enters its final stage, make sure you’re making progress. Virgo is a self-possessed sign, so you’ll feel better about yourself when checking achievements off the list which, in turn, makes you feel freed up to focus on others. Romance finally gets its mark on your busy calendar from September 19th-October 13th when loving Venus graces your sign. It’s possible to begin a new relationship, or certainly to spend greater time within an existing bond.

Next year Virgo might take a creative or entrepreneurial endeavor to a more established level, and would be benefited by having a partner to assist with finding the right information, contacts or paperwork. Virgo may also be wanting to have children, so will certainly want a practical and involved partner. Choose someone who isn’t afraid to get down in the weeds working with you, and who recognizes that when you’re successful the entire relationship itself becomes more successful.

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