Virgo: Love, In Its Many Forms

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Love is in the air, dear Virgo! There are three ways Virgo might experience love this month: loving another, being loved by the public, or having greater self-love. In all cases, you experience much-needed and well-deserved acknowledgment.

Venus, planetary ruler of love and money, graces your sign through November 8th. The entire first week of the month bestows a special magnetism upon Virgo, making it especially easy to attract desirable people and resources. Within this timeframe, Mars intermingles with Venus on November 2nd, and then the dazzling duo is joined by the Moon on November 7th– sparks will fly! Consider showing yourself some love through a luxury purchase, makeover or time to yourself for spiritual retreat. Recognize, too, that you are generally more attractive to others at this time so don’t be surprised if admirers come knocking at your door. If you have been developing a financial opportunity, positive increases emerge in November.

Relationships finally reach clarity as of November18th when Neptune- planet of dreams and illusions- lifts the veil on your partnership house. If you have been involved in romance that is poorly defined or the next steps are unclear, then the proper path now becomes evident. The relationship could proceed if healthy boundaries are agreed upon (ie: we are monogamous, we are getting married, etc), or the relationship’s end could become a clear necessity. If you are single and have felt a stall in the dating department, Neptune’s stride forward opens the door to begin meeting prospective partners again. In both cases, Virgo learns about directing love to and receiving love from worthy sources.

From a business perspective, relationships with partners and clients also begin returning to a sane rhythm. If your business has been involved in legal matters, the process moves along. The Moon helps all relationships November 19-20th.

Virgo may experience love from the public in the form of recognition by the November 25th Full Moon. General attention or public praise are also possible at this time as the Moon crests the highest point in Virgo’s horoscope. Especially if you have been working to impress bosses or superiors, efforts are now recognized.

November begs the question: How do you give and receive love? Are you comfortable with both ends of the transfer? Are you picking healthy givers and recipients? On the whole, Virgo moves towards a stronger nurturance of the self which, in turn, makes way for proper involvements with others.

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