Virgo Horoscope- April 2015: Finding Spiritual Meaning in Tax Day

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Good things are coming your way Virgo and, although they actualize in August, the path begins this month as Jupiter- the expander planet- starts her trek towards your sign on April 8th. In very subtle ways, you may start to feel like “something wonderful” is coming, though you may not yet have full concept of what that something is. Building circumstance and secret excitement slowly flood your consciousness now through the summer.

April 1st-2nd the Moon is in your sign starting the month on favorable terms. Whenever the Moon is in your sign that means the emotional currents of the universe as a whole are aligned with Virgo’s innate nature. This is an excellent time to plan important activities where you need to look good in front of others. This happens again on the 27th, 28th and 29th.

When the Moon meets up with serious Saturn on the 8th-9th, family and household responsibilities call balance the demands of your career life. Your preparation in these arenas will become important by April 11th when Venus moves into aspect with your sign positioning good opportunities for you. Although Venus transits are generally not potent enough to activate significant life changes, they are certainly pleasant periods for socializing and small material gains. However, Venus transits also usher the temptation to indulge or sit back imagining everything will simply fall into place. You’ll be glad that you had gotten things done earlier in the month.

Relationships come into focus on the 14th-15th, this can mean a literal relationship or your relationship to something. Especially on the April 15th as Venus, the money ruler, opposes serious Saturn in the sky your relationship with finances may draw some boundaries on the infamous Tax Day in America. A few days later on the 19th Venus squares sacrificial Neptune. On the material level you may reflecting on the realities of your finances since organizing them on Tax Day and determining how you prefer to manage money in the coming tax year:

  • What things are you willing to sacrifice so you can spend more on the things you really want?
  • Can you sacrifice surplus spending cash to put it instead into savings?
  • Will you allocate any monies in the future to help others, such as an inheritance or charitable donation?

On a non-material level, the Venus-Neptune experience is also about getting in touch with spiritual needs. Have your purchases and resource allocations truly been directed towards activities that feed your soul? Virgo is the zodiac sign best known for its superb attention to detail and incomparable ability to organize, so deriving practical and emotional lessons from Tax Day for future application is a well-suited task. Focus on matching future spending with things that call from your soul, rather than all the shiny objects that simply call out to you from the check-out line.

For those with Virgo rising, travel and learning may be on the agenda for April. You might expect work-related trips or a vacation; if you aren’t the one to get away, look for important experiences with foreigners who bring their unique perspectives or customs to your front door. Either way, different ways of thinking grow personal knowledge base. If you are involved in the education fields, as a teacher or student, then this will be a wonderfully busy month for you. The same is true if you are involved in the travel industry or international business. From a personal view, plan on engaging in cultural activities such as going to see a dance performance or art exhibit. April’s activities should all center around learning about and experiencing ‘otherness’ so you can take integrate the best pieces of that in yourself. Get out of the box. Amidst the cultural activities, you may experience shifts in your financial picture with the April 4th Lunar Eclipse and April 18th New Moon. This is really an alignment of personal values in their tangible format.

In American culture, April is always headlined by the infamous Tax Day and Virgo handles this often dreaded calendar date with particular finesse. Virgo knows this is just an opportunity to lay out a detailed map of aspirations, necessities, and their required resources. Preparation for the deadline and a solid plan for the future financial year gives Virgo the highest confidence level of all the zodiac signs during this annual experience. But remember not to let that single day consume your enjoyment of the entire month. There are so many good things happening in April, most especially the beginning movement of Jupiter towards your sign by summer. Wonderful things are coming!


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