Virgo: Good Call

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Virgo- Adrien Broom

May 2015 Virgo horoscope

Mercury, the ruler of your sign, experiences very important planetary movement this month with its notorious Retrograde cycle. Because of Virgo’s innate connection to the messenger planet, you are uniquely influenced by its change of course.

The relationship between Virgo and Mercury centers largely on details- together, the sign and its ruler do the information gathering needed to make wise decisions. Their energies are particularist, data-oriented and probing. In the cosmos, they help balance our instinct with thinking.

When Mercury moves Retrograde, expect that your usually refined ability to know everything necessary before making a decision could be inhibited. Signing important documents, sending official emails or letters, and phone calls or conversations where you need the upper hand may require extra preparation to guard against accidental error. Allow extra time for ample research, and don’t rush into making decisions.

Your sign benefits in some ways from the Mercury Retrograde cycle because it does in fact call for greater fact-finding and the honing of organizational skills- two arenas Virgo excels in. You may actually feel a higher level of confidence in decisions by the time the Retrograde period ends on June 11th. In this way, your sign fares the best out of the entire zodiac during this cycle.

May 25th the Moon is in your sign making this your power day for the month. Plan important public appearances or key transactions at this time if possible. On the following day, May 26th, the Moon remains in your sign but positions in equilibrium with Neptune. This energy is more receptive, whereas the prior day was more expressive. Plan to sit back and enjoy on the 26th.


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