Virgo: Dream Big

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Virgo- Adrien Broom

What is your next big goal? Life direction is the focus for Virgo now through August, and achieving those goals will play out from this August over the next two years. With such pivotal opportunities around the corner, it’s imperative to get a grip on what you really want to do.

In August, the planet Jupiter will enter your sign. Jupiter transits signify times when we are able to become larger than life, to grow beyond our current selves. If you have ever wanted to take a leap of faith, Jupiter will help you do so. What wild idea may you actually be able to live out? For some this is quitting a job to travel the world, starting your own business, completing a race or climbing a mountain, skydiving, getting married for the first time.

In June, both Mars and Mercury explore your house of honors and achievements, helping to begin assimilating your perspective on that not so far away goal. Since mid-May, you’ve been doing revision work about how you see your current profession either helping or inhibiting your ability to achieve the life you want. June begins with thinking-oriented Mercury wrapping up its Retrograde cycle, complemented by action-oriented Mars ramping up your desire to move ahead. The June 2nd Full Moon should offer insight on where plans are headed, and by the ending of Mercury Retrograde on June 11th you are fired up about what’s next.

The June 16th New Moon really opens up avenues for you to start putting together the resources and people who can help conquer your goal. In fact socializing may favor your success. At varying points in the month, Venus and Mars will pass through your social house suggesting that an important connection may hold the key to achievement in your future. Get out on the town, ask friends for advice, and attend cause-specific events which are related to the area you wish to progress in. June 21st-23rd the Moon is in your sign, Virgo, making you particularly receptive to cosmic energy; this would be an ideal time to meet with like-minds.

August is only two months away, so Virgo’s breakout moment with the help of Jupiter is drawing quite near. Not long after in September, Virgo will also experience an eclipse. There is so much yet ahead, and now is the time to get clear about what you want and who you may need to do it with. There’s no time like the present. Dream big.

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