Virgo: Carpe Diem

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Kelley Devine- Virgo

Virgo initiates a life peak period in August as Jupiter graces your sign now through September 2016. This Jupiter transit marks a significant period of opportunity, one where almost anything you wish to achieve is possible. The planet of growth is known as the Great Benefic because of doors it can open and it’s often fortuitous or “lucky” outcomes. What big leap might merit an exciting risk? The Jupiter cycle’s brevity makes this period even more pivotal since swift action must be taken in order not to let the gifts of the Universe pass by untapped. Carpe Diem!

What major life themes were occurring from approximately September 2003-September 2004? This is the last time Jupiter was in Virgo. It is possible that similar themes may repeat themselves now. Jupiter creates the opportunity for personal expansion; when it transits through our sign, we tend to do things that reach beyond our comfort zone- metaphorically or literally. Jupiter is boundary pushing. From an intellectual perspective, learning a new language or skill, obtaining an advanced degree, growing in spiritual practice, or overcoming old psychological inhibitions are all ways personal perspective might be enhanced. Sometimes, Jupiter expansion might even be literal such as buying a bigger house, taking the trip of a lifetime, competing in a physical sport or performing, relocating or, for women, becoming pregnant. All of these could represent a literal expansion of the self. Adventures embarked upon during a Jupiter transit typically fare well since the Universe actually wants you to go beyond familiar limits and therefore rewards when you do. In what ways do you hope to become bigger and better over the next year?

Mercury, the planetary ruler of Virgo, enters your sign August 8th-28th helping to envision and coordinate the logistics of this personal growth plan. Careful not to get overly perfectionistic at this stage; Jupiter experiences are about the big picture, the thrill of adventure. You simply need just enough information to get started.

Jupiter transits in your own sign are also famously good times for falling in love. In fact, you now have the best-in-12-year chance to meet an ideal mate or to deepen bonds in an existing relationship. Since you won’t have as perfect of a romantic opportunity for another twelve years, be sure to make room for romance over the coming year. If you are with someone who is not completely satisfying, end it. A better match is around the corner. Don’t waste this exquisitely rare chance! The Full Moon on August 29th in your partner sign of Pisces launches relationship scenarios into action. If you are single, this would be an excellent night to get out on the town and socialize in situations where you can meet people of potential interest. Or, if you’re not ready to step out quite yet, journal about past romantic lessons learned and how you would like to engage in future pairings; perhaps ask a wise friend for feedback on your relationship patterns. If you are in a relationship and it is going well, the Full Moon produces a memorable evening for events which enrich your growing love. Should the relationship not be up to par, Full Moon events may erode the situation or possibly even sever the union. If this occurs, it actually favors you in the long run to remove the unsatisfying relationship in order to make room for a luckier Jupiter pairing.

Virgo is the most detail-oriented sign of the zodiac; Virgo loves to have a plan, a schedule. Recognize that this incredible Jupiter experience expires in September 2016, so work backwards from that calendar date to organize what exciting accomplishments you’d like to master by then. The Universe is going to open many doors, walk through as many as possible.


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