Virgo: 2016 Forecast

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Kelley Devine- Virgo

Jupiter, the enhancer planet, continues blessing your zodiac sign from January through September. Since last summer, Virgo and Virgo rising has had the best chance in twelve years for success, travel and falling in love. During the Jupiter Retrograde cycle January 7th-May 10th, Virgo reviews  opportunities and commitments made since Summer 2015; if you had wanted to reverse any of those decisions, now would be the time. The February 22nd Full Moon brings capitulation to circumstances which began last summer and helps discern who/what to keep versus let go of. What was important in your life around September 13th 2015? This was the New Moon (also a Solar Eclipse!), or beginning point in the cycle of which you now evaluate the status. Subsequently, pivotal points in the review process arise in following month during March, especially regarding romance or close partnerships.

The living situation gets a second look in March 25th-August 13th as Saturn, the cosmic judge, evaluates the members, location or design of your nest. Choices about living with roommates, family or romantic partners may arise. Who should share your most intimate physical and psychological space? For some, the decision to move for a job opportunity or lover becomes relevant. If Virgo remains in its current locale, restructuring the interior design of your abode could be a priority. In family matters, there may be some duking it out with relatives about behaviors or property issues. In real estate, after August would be a more opportune time to buy/sell property.

August and September are the most fortuitous months this year for all those with Virgo energy. Throughout August, Venus- planet of love and money- gives the cosmic ‘thumbs up’ to Virgo. It is quite possible for a romance to begin now, or for an existing romance to take important next steps. Financially, August gets Virgo well-equipped for bigger decisions it will be making in the fall.

By next month, Jupiter- the enhancer planet- will conclude its thirteen month pass through your zodiac sign which heralded one of the most productive times in Virgo’s life. But before going quietly into the night, Virgo gets one last chance to review the people and circumstances it had committed to during Jupiter’s pass by embracing a Mercury Retrograde cycle August 30th-September 22nd. Mercury Retrograde is your final opportunity to made tweaks to your recent life course before the cosmos carries you further along the path you have established, so take a careful look and make any changes necessary.

If you are waiting for a sign about which way to go, see what comes to mind around the September 1st Solar Eclipse which serves as a cosmic news flash. Even better, think back to September 13th 2015- what was going on around then? Virgo experienced a Solar Eclipse then, it may be possible for similar themes to occur again.

Investing in the future starts taking priority by September as Jupiter exits your zodiac sign and enters the financial house. September 10th through year’s end, Virgo thinks long-term about opportunities for additional income, savings, and wise expenditures on things with lasting value. Overall, Virgo now enters the practical stage of seeing how the opportunities and relationships which arose since Summer 2015 can be crystallized in a realistic way. Investments (emotional and material) in home/family or love relationships are particularly favored. In the case that you are unclear about love at this time, then wait until after Thanksgiving to move forward.

This focus on growing material assets will carry Virgo through the remainder of 2016 and into the next year. Virgo is the natural assimilator of the zodiac; the keen, efficient cosmic archetype whose ability to data-mine, create strategy and improve things for the greater good is unparalleled by any other sign. Fall 2016 through next year, Virgo does best when it helps itself.

Art by Kelley Devine.

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