Taurus: Priorities Of Pocketbook And Heart

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Venus, the planetary ruler of your sign Taurus, has been Retrograde or backwards since July 25th. This means that values and valuables have undergone an important review; you may have felt during this time period that things slowed down or perhaps even went in reverse. Rather than feeling stalemated, recognize that Retrogrades are simply the Universe giving time to think things over before making further commitments. In fact, Retrograde cycles are blessings in disguise: they keep us from moving ahead foolishly by encouraging a thorough review of our plan in order to ensure the best outcomes.

Matters of love and money may have been a particular highlight since late July, especially if they are connected to the home, family or domestic environment. Venus Retrograde conjoins Mars, the instigator, in your domestic house on September 1st so this may be a noticeably active time with lovers loved ones in your intimate space. If you have been wanting to revitalize any of these areas, do so on or after September 6th when Venus reassumes it’s normal forward motion in the sky. You will get a better return on investment then.

Venus, planet of value, completes its Retrograde cycle on September 6th so things which slowed down around July 25th now regain traction. You will have a clear sense of who/what is most important, or the true numeric value of something. Moving forward you are able to receive income, spend wisely, and both give and receive love in normal flow. Mars makes a positive aspect to Uranus on September 8th, so sparks may rekindle a romance or revive a strained relationship in your home or family. This same scenario will be repeated between Venus and Uranus on September 22nd, so note what happened earlier in the month and anticipate similar occurrences.

The spirit world becomes enlivened by the September 27th Lunar Eclipse in the “hidden house” of your horoscope. The eclipse may spark potent dreams or waking intuitions, so pay attention to anything that feels like a sign. You may feel inclined to retreat from the busy world at this time, so hide out your personal sanctuary to engage in reflection. The Universe is calling to get in tune with your inner world; this will help the overall alignment of values you have been reassessing since Venus Retrograde. Towards the end of October there will be a Full Moon in your sign, Taurus, so you’ll want to have a clear picture by then of the most important things in current life you wish to manifest.

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