Taurus: Lovescope 2017

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Kelley Devine- Taurus

Taurus adores quality and style, expecting both in romance. For Taurus, something which endures over time is more important than something which begins with a flame but ends in a fizzle. Longevity and reliability are keys to Taurus in love. 2012-2015 was a time for making significant decisions in romance as Saturn, the cosmic judge, evaluated the health of your relationship house. For most, a union either had a clear beginning or end during this time; at the very least, it underwent a notable restructuring. This was especially true for Taurus rising. 2016 may have ushered in a new romance for the single Taurus, along with perhaps an interest in children and the idea of a shared home or making joint financial/material commitments with a partner. 2017 continues Taurus’ luck in love; romances which become more serious during Fall have a high likelihood of becoming permanent by 2018.

If your Venus is in Taurus, then you possess one of the two most powerfully magnetic energies of all the zodiac (you share the honor with Libra). Since Venus is the natural planetary ruler of Taurus, it means you innately understand the laws of attraction. Taurus Venus is a celebrated sensualist; love is a visceral sensory experience which must be seen, smelled, tasted, heard and felt in order to be real. Physical affection, sexual interaction and domestic creature comforts are paramount. Money and gifts may also play an important role in romance, and either you or the partner must have a well-equipped pocketbook. Taurus Venus takes its time falling in love, but once committed does not appreciate being uprooted. The right one for you is someone with staying power.

Home and family matters light up during February and may capitulate during August. Do you have a healthy home life/work life balance? It is quite possible that since last summer Taurus has been over-working. Is your home setting designed in a way to provide proper retreat from public life? You may wish to consider updating your interior design, or perhaps even moving, to create a nest that is more suitable. Are all the members of your nest properly aligned? It may soon be that people come into or depart from the household.

Mercury, the thinking planet, revises your self-concept from April 9th-May 3rd. It’s an excellent time for updating your appearance or physical surroundings to be more representative of how you wish to be perceived by others. Perception plays a powerful role in attracting and keeping a mate. If a disagreement arises within a relationship, mis-perceptions are likely to blame and can be resolved with honest discussion.

Venus, the love planet and ruler of your zodiac sign, is in Taurus from June 6th-July 3rd. This is high time for attracting a new romantic interest or deepening the bond with a current sweetheart, especially if you are Taurus rising or have Venus is Taurus. Social invitations and glamorous people or circumstances may present themselves; it is wise to pay special attention to your appearance as you are bound to be noticed. Balancing workload and time for romance may become an issue unless you are open to meeting a prospective partner through work-related functions or have a partner who is confident in attending work outings with you.

The April 26th New Moon initiates your annual personal cycle where you can successfully set intentions. Taurus is an earth sign, so focus on physically manifesting your highest desires. We will see the results of your dedication- and perhaps the dedication of a lover- by the November 4th Full Moon.

For an in-depth love horoscope based on your personal astrology, email me at maurielle@signpaths.com

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